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In the early hours of November 24, a promising young Canadian student, known for her confidence and body positivity advocacy, passed away “suddenly and unexpectedly.” Diya Thakur, a computer science student at Western University, left behind a remarkable legacy despite her untimely departure.

Meghaminnd Biography

Thakur rose to fame on TikTok in 2021, capturing the hearts of her audience with her unabashed and instructional confidence. What made her journey all the more remarkable was her courage to embrace self-acceptance, even in the face of adversity. As a woman of color attending a predominantly white school and culture, she often dealt with the challenges of bullying, acne, and body shaming.

In her poignant and authentic videos, Thakur shared her struggles and her path to self-love. Her content resonated deeply with her viewers, earning her nearly one million loyal followers who appreciated her creative style and authenticity.

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What set Thakur apart in the world of body positivity was her dedication to serving a demographic of girls and women who had been criticized for being “too skinny” or having a “flat” butt. She broke stereotypes and inspired countless individuals to embrace their bodies just as they are.

At the time of her death, Thakur had just over 100,000 followers on Instagram, a testament to the positive impact she had on her community. Following the announcement of her tragic death, heartfelt comments poured in from her followers, expressing their gratitude for her work.

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“Her posts brought so much confidence and light when I was struggling. She was always an angel, and beautiful inside and out. I’m sorry for your loss and may she rest in peace,” wrote one commenter.

“She was doing amazing work for Brown girls everywhere. This is a loss of one of our city’s best,” said another.

“I will always be grateful for finding your account, you were the only person that helped me boost my confidence,” reads a comment on another recent post. “You will always be important to me. Love you forever, rest in peace, my queen.”

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What was Meghaminnd TikTok’s Cause of Death?

While many mourn Thakur’s loss, some have taken to Instagram and other online platforms to speculate about the cause of her death, suggesting reasons ranging from a car accident to a heart attack. There are also discussions about the possibility of mental health issues playing a role, based on a post from June in which Thakur had candidly shared her past struggle with suicide.

As Diya Thakur’s admirers continue to grapple with the heartbreaking news of her passing, her legacy as a body positivity advocate and her message of self-love remains a source of inspiration and strength for all those who had the privilege of following her journey.


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