Meet Birthe Wolter’s Children: Full Details

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Birthe Wolter can be described as a German actress. Birthe Wolter was born on October 4, 1981, in Cologne but she grew up in Wolter grew up in Mechernich-Strempt in the Eifel. It must be emphasized that she had acting training at the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding in Munich between 2002 and 2006.

Even when she was still having acting training at the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding, she served at the  Metropoltheater (Munich), Residenztheater (Munich) and in the Kammertheater Karlsruhe and took on some main and supporting roles.

Birthe Wolter became very popular in the media for the role she played in the RTL series Schoolgirls. She also made appearances in three episodes of the ProSieben series Everything but Sex. She was a member of the Cabaretensemble Die Wühlmäuse since 2017 till it got dissolved in 2020.

Some of the series Birthe Wolter has made appearances in include 2001: A case for Two, 2002–2005: Schoolgirl, 2005: The Watch, 2007: Everything but Sex, 2009: SOKO 5113 – The last ball, 2009–2011: Schillerstrasse, 2012: Ladykracher, 2014: The cop and the country bumpkin, 2015: Now things are getting weird, 2015: SOKO 5113 – 30 votes and one death, 2016: In all friendship – The Young Doctors – Stations of the Cross, 2018–2019: The Teacher, 2018: In all friendship – Buried, 2018: Murder with announcement, 2018: Betty’s diagnosis – love and passion, 2018: Milk & Honey – Trapped, 2020: MaPa – Mama, 2020: SOKO Wismar – Art and Clutter, 2022: WaPo Bodensee – The woman in the forest and 2023: Red roses.

Over the years, she has also made appearances in a lot of TV movies, Crime Scene (TV series) and cinema.

Her involvement in theater resulted in the following productions;2004: The Unknown from the Seine (supporting role), Akademiebühne Munich, 2005: Hamlet or not Hamlet, that is the Question (supporting role), Akademiebühne Munich, 2005: The Golem (supporting role), Metropol Theater Munich, 2005–2006: Genoa 01 (leading role), Residenztheater Munich, 2009: Cyrano de Bergerac (Roxane), Kammertheater Karlsruhe, 2011: Romeo and Juliet (Julia), Kammertheater Karlsruhe, 2012: Cyrano de Bergerac (Roxane), Kammertheater Karlsruhe and 2017–2020: Deceptive society (frustrated investment banker), Wühlmäuse Berlin.

Birthe Wolter has an award to her credit; the 2013: German Comedy Prize as part of the team of Ladykracher in the category of Best Sketch Comedy.

Meet Birthe Wolter’s Children

As of now, there is no information about the children of Birthe Wolter

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