Medicine Counter Assistant Salary in Ghana.

Role of Medicine Counter Assistants

 A medicine counter assistant works under the supervision of a pharmacist. They sell over-the-counter medicine.

They are trained to offer advice on popular ailments and to also know when to refer a patient to the pharmacist.

They assist a pharmacist in giving friendly, efficient and professed health care service to people in a local community.

They are expected treat customers in polite manner.

Again, they are to make ordering, they also receive and manage.

They also manage sales of products and product displaying.


Qualification of a Medicine Counter Assistant

  • GCSE or equivalent and English and Maths Pass
  • Medicine Counter  Assistant certificate from an accredited institution .


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Medicine Counter Assistant Skills

  1. Interest in healthcare


  1. Handling customer enquires


  1. Working in retail environment


  1. Handling monetary transactions


  1. Self-motivated


  1. Merchandising & display


  1. Customer service in pharmacy


  1. Be able to work on own and as part of a team


  1. Well organised and able to work to deadlines


  1. Good communication skills and interpersonal skills


  1. Pleasant, tactful manner when dealing with public either in person or via the phone


Medicine Counter Assistant Salary in Ghana.

Medicine Counter Assistant’s salary depends on the company or store you are working for.

Aside the salary you might be lucky to have incentives like money for food and transportation, weekly allowances, etc.

But as said earlier, it will all depend on the company or store.

Salary for Medicine Counter — GHS 500 – GHS 1500.

Medicine Counter Assistant Salary in Ghana. 2
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