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Max Tortora is a well-known Italian actor who was born Massimiliano Tortora on January 21, 1963, in Rome, Italy. He is noted for his comic skills and flexibility. Although he first sought a degree in architecture, his love of entertainment ultimately brought him into contact with the television industry.


Tortora made his television debut on various programs, including fashion, current affairs, and entertainment magazines like “Dolce Casa,” “Scopritalia,” and “Telefax,” which were broadcast on local television channels. However, it was in the early 2000s that he truly made a mark on the Italian television scene.

In 2001, Tortora participated in the show “Superconvenscion” on Rai 2, showcasing his talents as an impersonator. His ability to transform into characters such as Alberto Sordi, Luciano Rispoli, Adriano Celentano, Franco Califano, and Michele Santoro captivated audiences and established him as a skilled comedian. His success on “Superconvenscion” led to his participation in “Convenscion a colori,” where he continued to impress with his comedic impersonations.

Especially, Tortora worked with Max Giusti and Éva Henger on “Cocktail d’amore,” where they made a classic Inspector Derrick spoof. His comic skill was further demonstrated in the skit where, during the trial for the television program “Bulldozer,” he struggled to say the simple line “Dove vivevate?” (“Where did you live?”). This led to months of reshooting the same scene.

During his 2004 and 2005 appearances on “Bulldozer,” Tortora broke into a humorous parody of Capello, Amadeus, and Celentano. His collaboration on the show with Enrico Bertolino produced skits that eventually became the hit comedy “Piloti.” The show’s popularity was largely due to the rapport between the two comedians, which raised Tortora’s profile in the Italian television industry.

Apart from his involvement in “Piloti,” Tortora also took part in other Rai shows like “Stracult” and “Quelli che il calcio,” where he demonstrated his ability to impersonate and be funny. Joining Rai 1 shows like “Uno di noi,” “Sognando Las Vegas,” and “Torno sabato” in 2003 helped him establish himself even more in the Italian entertainment scene.

One indication of Tortora’s continued success on Italian television is the sitcom “Piloti,” in which he co-starred with Enrico Bertolino in 2007. In addition, he was a vital part of the cast of the television series “I Cesaroni” from 2006 until 2012, demonstrating his versatility in funny and serious parts.

In 2019, Tortora showcased his humorous abilities outside television when he appeared on the show “Aspettando Adrian,” which was hosted by Adriano Celentano. His passion for entertainment and sports was evident when he assisted Antonello Fassari as a linesman during the 2007 AS Roma eightieth-anniversary match.

Who are Max Tortora’s Parents?

There is no information about the parents of Max Tortora. It seems he keeps his parents out of the public.


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