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Max Ehrlich can be described as a German film director, actor and cabaret artist. He was born on December 7, 1892 in Berlin. He was however reported dead on October 1, 1944. Max Ehrlich died in the Auschwitz concentration camp. It must be stated that Max Ehrlich was trained by Max Reinhardt at the Deutsches Theater , Berlin from 1911.

Max Ehrlich was considered as a successful cabaret in the 1920s. However, his debut so far as film is concerned , was when he played a role in the silent film titled In The Homeland, There’s a Reunion in 1926. He continued featuring in more films and his first sound film came up in 1930 when he featured in Vienna, the City of Songs.

Due to the fact that Max Ehrlich was a Jew, he could not be accepted into the Reich Film Department . This was when the National Socialist government had come into power.
It must be noted Max Ehrlich moved to Vienna, then to Switzerland and Holland but due to illheath, he settled in Germany in 1935.

Max Ehrlich performed with the Jewish Cultural Association. He was arrested in 1943. He got moved to the Dutch Westerbork transit camp.
Quite unfortunately, Max Ehrlich died on September 4, 1944. This was after he was taken to the Auschwitz and murdered in the gas chamber. Before his death, he was married to Charlotte Cohn. Charlotte Cohn was an actress and singer.

Some of the films to the credit of Max Ehrlich include1926: There will be a reunion at home!, 1927: Family day in the Prellstein house, 1927: Three boys drew… / Three souls and one thought – subtitles, 1928: Mascot – subtitles, 1928: Liebfraumilch, 1928: The trees are blooming in Werder – subtitles, 1928: Your dark spot, 1928: Miss Chauffeur – subtitles, 1928: Honeymoon – script, actors, and 1928: A Small Advance on Bliss – Screenplay.

Max Ehrlich’s Age, Birth Date

Max Ehrlich was born on December 7, 1892. He died at the age of 52.

Max Ehrlich’s Biography, Wikipedia

The details of Max Ehrlich are available on Wikipedia.

Max Ehrlich’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children,

Max Ehrlich was married to Charlotte Cohn, an actress and singer. He had two daughters and one was Amy Ehrlich, is a writer of books for children.

Max Ehrlich’s Parents

Details about his parents are unavailable.

Max Ehrlich’s Height, Weight

His height an weight are unavailable .

Max Ehrlich’s Net Worth

His net worth is not available .


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