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Massimo Recalcati is a well-known Italian psychotherapist and essayist who was born in Milan on November 28, 1959. His contributions to the domains of philosophy and psychoanalysis have been profound. Recalcati was raised by floriculturist parents, and his life story became an investigation of the nuances of the human mind and the modern challenges of therapeutic practice.

Early Life and Education

Professor Franco Fergnani guided Recalcati’s academic career after he finished his agrotechnical diploma. In 1985, he graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Milan. His thesis, “Todestrieb et Désir d’être,” His early work on the nexus between psychoanalysis and existentialism, “Ipotesi per un confronto tra Sartre e Freud” (Desire to Be and Death Drive: Hypotheses for a Comparison between Sartre and Freud), was on display.

During that summer, Recalcati’s academic path was turned towards psychoanalysis after he came across Jacques Lacan’s writings. Under Marcello Cesa-Bianchi’s direction, Recalcati specialized in social psychology at the Milan School of Psychology, reaffirming his dedication to the in-depth study of the human mind.

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From 1988 to 2007, Recalcati had his analytic training in Milan and Paris, immersing himself deeply in the field of psychoanalysis. Being a recognized member of the Lombardy Order of Psychologists, he contributed a plethora of expertise and understanding to the profession.

Recalcati was the national scientific director of A.B.A. (Association for the Study and Research of Anorexia-Bulimia) from 1994 to 2002. He became the president of Jonas, a Center for Psychoanalytic Clinic for New Symptoms, in 2007 after it was established in 2003. His clinical supervision included a wide range of mental health facilities throughout Italy, with an emphasis on hospital departments, therapeutic communities, psychotherapy clinics, and territorial mental health services.

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With teaching positions at prominent institutions like Milan, Padua, Urbino, Bergamo, Lausanne, and Verona, Recalcati’s influence goes beyond his clinical practice. He worked with both domestic and foreign specialist periodicals, contributing a deep understanding of the academic field.

His editorial responsibilities include directing the following series: the Tyche – Quaderni Irpa series for Mimesis since 2016, the Studi di Psicanalisi series for Mimesis since 2015, the Eredi series for Feltrinelli since 2014, and the Jonas series for Franco Angeli Editore from 2003 to 2018.

Recalcati demonstrated his dedication to cultural discourse in 2016 when he founded and took on the role of scientific director of the KUM! Festival in Ancona. He gave six brief talks for Sky Arte on well-known artists, highlighting the relationship between psychoanalysis and the arts.

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His participation in public debate resulted in the establishment of the Democratic Party’s “Pier Paolo Pasolini” School in Milan in 2017. Publications including The Manifesto (2001–2013), La Repubblica (since 2011), and La Stampa (from 2020) have included Recalcati’s articles.

Recalcati directed four short lectures on family lexicon for Rai 3 in 2018, and the same year, he narrated his life story in “A libro aperto,” a documentary on La Effe. His television contributions also include a series on Rai 3 titled “Lessico Civile,” conceptualized and produced in 2020.

Who is Massimo Recalcati First Wife?

There is no information about Massimo Recalcati’s first wife. It seems he keeps his personal life out of the public.


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