Masoud Shojaee First Wife

By | July 16, 2023

Entrepreneur and property developer Masoud Shojaee is of Iranian descent. Known for its high-end residential and commercial developments, he is the founder and CEO of the Miami-based Shoma Group. Shojaee has made important contributions to the real estate sector and has had a big impact on the design of Miami’s and other cities skylines. However, in this article, we will walk you through the first wife of Masoud Shojaee.

Who is Masoud Shojaee?

Masoud Shojaee is a brilliant businessman and real estate developer noted for his substantial contributions to the building and development sector. Shojaee, who was born on April 8, 1956, in Iran, has overcome adversity with tenacity, ingenuity, and achievement.

In 1978, Shojaee relocated to the US after completing his education in Iran. He spent little time pursuing his goals since he had a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit. He established the South Florida-based residential real estate development business Shoma Homes in 1981. Shoma Homes rose to prominence under Shojaee’s direction for its cutting-edge designs, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to top-notch craftsmanship.

Shojaee established additional prosperous companies as his real estate development knowledge grew over time. He established the Continental Group in 1991, which swiftly grew to become one of Florida’s biggest property management firms.

He co-founded the renowned real estate development company MDM Development Group in 2002 and rose to the position of President and CEO. The landmark projects that MDM Development Group has worked on include luxury hotels, apartment buildings, and mixed-use developments. Their significant accomplishments include the Met Square building in downtown Miami and the opulent residential tower Aston Martin Residences.

In addition to his accomplishments in the real estate sector, Masoud Shojaee is renowned for his charitable work. He actively supports causes about community development, healthcare, and education through his involvement in several philanthropic organizations.

Who is Masoud Shojee First Wife?

In 1984, Masoud Shojaee and Maria Lamas became husband and wife and started the Shoma Group together. Together, they created a flourishing business that specializes in the development of real estate and is renowned for its cutting-edge initiatives and meticulousness. Their collaboration embodied their kinship in the business and their dedication to developing assets of the highest caliber.

The couple’s relationship, however, changed after thirty years of marriage, and Maria requested a divorce. A contentious court struggle resulted from the subsequent legal processes, which were reportedly complicated and difficult. Even if their separation’s specifics and causes have not been made public, high-profile divorces sometimes include complex legal disputes and privacy issues.

Is Masoud Shojee Still Married?

Stephanie Shojaee, formally Stephanie Mejia, is married to Shojaee. She works as a real estate executive and is now in charge of Shoma Group. The wedding of Masoud Shojaee and Stephanie Mejia is not well known. She began her career in the sales department of the firm before rising to the positions of Chief Marketing Officer and President most recently. Shojaee’s second wife is Stephanie.

Masoud Shojee Children

Anelise Shojaee, 31, and Lilibet Shojaee, 28, are the real estate tycoon’s daughters. Both of them are children of his first union with Maria Lamas. They both work for the Shoma Group with their father.

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