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Martina Schwarzmann was born on  February 26, 1979 in Fürstenfeldbruck. She can be described as a German cabaret artist. Martina Schwarzmann grew up on a farm in the Upper Bavarian village of Überacker in the Fürstenfeldbruck district together with her two siblings; two brothers and a sister.

She trained as a cook at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich and that was when she had graduated from secondary school in Maisach.

Martina Schwarzmann got employed in a Swiss hotel for half a year in 1997 and it is interesting to note that she worked as a cook for about eight years before she took time to pursue a career as a cabaret artist.

Since 2000, Martina Schwarzmann has gained national fame and prominence after making appearances on several cabaret stages.

She featured in Ottis Schlachthof in 2004 . For her work as a cabaret artist, Martina Schwarzmann makes use of lectures and songs as well as the guitar as an accompaniment.

Over the years, she has received several cabaret and cabaret prizes and her inspiration stems from the living environment of the Upper Bavarian rural population and personal experiences, especially in the area around her hometown of Überacker.

In 2019, Martina Schwarzmann was involved in a copyright issue over the sentence, “It’s enough for me that i woas, that i know when i woin dad”. This was because she saw herself as the creator of the sentence and didn’t understand why a clothing manufacturer from Lenggries, Bavaria, should print the sentence on its T-shirts.

The Munich I Regional Court asked an expert in the Bavarian dialect to write a written expert opinion in July 2019. However, in October 2019, Martina Schwarzmann and the clothing manufacturer reached an agreement on the copyright issue before the 33rd Civil Chamber of the Munich I Regional Court.

Some of the publications that can be attributed to Martina Schwarzmann include From Diezl to Straps, CD, 2002, Weird Tones – Clear Words, CD, 2005, Deafs a bissal mehra sei? , 2 CDs, 2006, Deafs a bissal mehra sei? , DVD, 2007, Cabaret Sampler: 3rd Political Ash Wednesday, with Volker Pispers, Matthias Deutschmann, Arnulf Rating, Hagen Rether and Martina Schwarzmann, 2 CDs, 2007, So schee kons Lebn sei, 2 CDs, 2008 as well as So schee kons Lebn sei, DVD, 2010.

Others are Who is lucky comes! , 2 CDs, 2011, Who is lucky comes! , DVD, 2013, Gscheid Gfreid, 2 CDs, 2014, Songs & Poems to fall asleep and wake up, 2015, Just Right, 2 CDs, 2017 and Very simple, 2 CDs, 2022.

Martina Schwarzmann Husband

Stefan is the name of the husband of Martina Schwarzmann. Martina Schwarzmann and Stefan got married in the Altomunster Parish and they have three children.

Stefan is a trained civil engineer and a farmer. Martina Schwarzmann and Stefan got married in September 2019.

Her awards include 2001: Golden Weisswurst – StuStaCulum cabaret prize,2002: Bielefeld Cabaret Prize – 1st place,2003: Obernburger Mühlstein – audience award,2004: 2nd prize Paulaner Solo+, 2007: German cabaret prize – advancement award from the city of Mainz, 2007: Bavarian Cabaret Prize – Music Prize, 2008: German Cabaret Prize – Special Prize as well as 2013: Salzburg Bull.

The rest are  2016: German cabaret prize – category chanson/song/music, 2017: Bavarian language root , 2018: Bavarian Culture Prize – Special Prize, 2020: Upper Bavarian Culture Prize and 2022: Bavarian Constitutional Order .

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