Maritta Emser’s Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Parents, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography, Wikipedia, Children, Birth Date.

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Maritta Emser can be described as a bridal fashion saleswoman. She is believed to have been on October 4, 1952. Maritta Emser’s career has been quite successful. With respect to relationships, she is said to have fallen off a number of relationships.

She is known to run bridal fashion shops in Cologne’s Cecile. She is frequently seen on the Vox Show between bands and tears. Marrita Emser, who is currently 71 years old, once suffered serious injuries in her boutique. Apart from the accident that caused her injuries, her stores’ windows also got damaged in the process with a lot of financial loss.

It must be noted that she was trained to become a wedding hairdresser. It must also be noted that Marrita Emser became familiar with wedding dresses through her husband. She opened two branches in Munich and Cologne. Maritta Emser has a foundation for her son as well as her employees.

Maritta Emser is a German. She is known to be a Christian and she lives in Cologne. The net worth of Maritta is believed to be about $ 1 million.
The husband of Maritta Emser is called Edgar.  She is known to have hazel eyes and blond hair. She is quite active on Instagram and uses the account @marittaemser.

Maritta Emser’s Boyfriend, Husband, Children


Maritta Emser was said to be married. She was married to Edgar. Details about the children of Maritta Emser are yet to be updated.

Maritta Emser’s Biography, Wikipedia

The details and biography of Maritta Emser are not updated on Wikipedia.

Maritta Emser’s Height, Weight

Her height is 120 centimeters and she weighs 70 kilograms.

Maritta Emser’s Age, Birth Date.

Maritta Emser was born on October 4, 1952. She is currently 71 years old.

Maritta Emser’s Net worth

As already indicted, the net worth of Maritta Emser is said to be about $ 1 million. This was recorded in 2023.

Maritta Emser’s Parents

Her parents’ details are not known as of now.

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