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Folk music fans have been spellbound by the charming melodies and amiable demeanor of Marianne and Michael, the popular German presentation and singing pair. Folk music’s enduring appeal and their talent and dedication are the reasons behind their incredible journey in the entertainment industry.

Early Years

Adolf Michael Hartl, born in Köflach, Styria, on March 18, 1949, and Marianne Hartl (formerly Reiner), born in Munich-Giesing on February 7, 1953, each set out on separate paths before meeting by chance. Michael spent three years honing his guitar and singing skills after completing training to become a locksmith. After starting her career as a tax assistant, Marianne studied accordion and classical singing.


Marianne and Michael took part in the inaugural Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1986, placing eleventh with their song “Today is Dance.” After receiving recognition for their captivating performances, they contributed their voices to the 1987 ARD television lottery song, “Unser Land.”

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The pair’s career on television took off when they were asked to moderate the music program “Funny Musicians” and the “Super Hit Parade of Folk Music” on ZDF. Between 1989 and 2007, when “Funny Musicians” ended, they created almost 100 editions.

They briefly appeared on Sat.1 with “Feste Feier” and RTL with “Heimatmelodie,” before making a comeback to ZDFin 1993. They kept working with ZDF, producing more than 200 shows for the network.

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Their famous song “Germany is’ schee” won them the folk music super hit parade in 1996. In the early 1990s, Marianne and Michael took on a new role in the business and established a music publishing company to develop the next wave of talent in the folk music industry.

They faced difficulties along the way. ZDF opted not to extend their agreements in 2007, claiming the lack of a legally protected right to folk or Beatles music. The Association of German Folk Music and Schlager filed a lawsuit against the apparent discrimination after this decision caused controversy.

However, the duo made a triumphant return in 2008, hosting three shows on ZDF: the preliminary round for the Grand Prix of Folk Music, “Christmas with Marianne and Michael,” and an open-air show.

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On March 10, 2022, Marianne Hartl revealed that Michael had had a stroke, causing the pair to confront a trying time. After surgery, he was put into an “artificial coma” and given medical attention. The couple persevered through this difficult time and made a comeback to television in September of the same year.

Marianne and Michael’s Net worth

Although Marianne and Michael’s precise net worth is unknown, their prosperous careers in the music and entertainment industries have paid off financially. Throughout their history, their albums, live shows, and television appearances have brought in a sizable sum of money.


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