Maria Furtwängler Divorced: Full Details

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Maria Furtwängler can be described as a German German physician and television actress. She was born on September 13, 1966. Architect Bernhard Furtwängler and actress Kathrin Ackermann are all her parents. Maria Furtwängler has two older brothers, David and Felix.

At the age of 7, Maria Furtwängler played a role in Zum Abschied Chrysanthemen. Maria Furtwängler was given acting lessons by her mother and she later had acting classes in Germany and other countries.

Maria Furtwängler had studies in medicine at the  University of Montpellier, France. She also graduated from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany.

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Maria Furtwängler Divorced

Maria Furtwängler on November 8, 1991, got married to billionaire publisher Hubert Burda (born 1940). Hubert Burda is the youngest son of publishers Franz Burda and Aenne Burda, and CEO of Hubert Burda Media, an international media group that publishes over 180 magazine titles, including many fashion magazines.

Maria Furtwängler and Hubert Burda have two children: Jakob and Elisabeth. In August 2022, Maria Furtwängler and Hubert Burda announced their divorce after 30 years of marriage.


Some of the awards won by Maria Furtwängler include 2016 12. Festival des deutschen Films for Dramatic Art for The Weather Inside, 2016 2morrow-Award, 2013 Jupiter Award for Best TV Actress for Tatort: Wegwerfmädchen, 2010 Karl Valentin Order, 2010 Bavarian constitutional medal in silver, 2009 Romy for Most Popular Cast in a Series and 2008 DIVA-Award in the category “Best Leading Actress” for Die Flucht.

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Others are the 2008 Jupiter Award for Best TV Actress in Die Flucht, 2008 Goldene Kamera for Best Female TV Inspector (Readers Choice), 2007 Bavarian Order of Merit, 2007 Goldene Henne in the category “Television – Drama”, 2007 German Television Award for Best Actress in Tatort episodes Pauline and Das namenlose Mädchen, 2005 Siegfried-Lowitz-Preis for Dramatic Art and 2003 Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her commitment in the aid organization “German Doctors”.


Some of the films she has been involved in include 2015: The Weather Inside [de] (Director: Isabelle Stever), Cinema, 2015: Tatort: Spielverderber [de] (Director: Hartmut Schoen), 2014: Tatort: Der sanfte Tod (Director: Alexander Adolph), 2012: Tatort Doppelfolge – Wegwerfmädchen/ Das goldene Band (Director: Franziska Meletzky), 2010: Schicksalsjahre (Director: Miguel Alexandre), 2008: Tatort: Salzleiche (Director: Christiane Balthasar), 2007: Tatort: Wem Ehre gebührt (Director: Angelina Maccarone) and 2007: Räuber Kneißl [de] (Director: Marcus H. Rosenmüller), Cinema.

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Others are 2007: Tatort: Das namenlose Mädchen [de] (Director: Michael Gutmann), 2006: March of Millions (Die Flucht, director: Kai Wessel), 2005: Tatort: Pauline (Director: Niki Stein), 2005: Tatort: Schwarzes Herz (Director: Thomas Jauch), 2005: Tatort: Atemnot (Director: Thomas Jauch), 2004: Tatort: Märchenwald (Director: Christiane Balthasar), 2004: Tatort: Dunkle Wege (Director: Christiane Balthasar) and 2003: Tatort: Sonne und Sturm (Director: Thomas Jauch).

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