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Margit Saad’s career as an actress left an indelible mark on both German and English language cinema. Her talent and versatility allowed her to play a wide range of roles and she was respected by both fans and colleagues.

Though her time in the spotlight was relatively brief, Saad’s contributions will always be remembered. Her legacy as a talented actress lives on even after her passing.

Who Is Margit Saad?

Margit Saad was a German actress who had a successful career in German film and television, with occasional appearances in English language productions.

Margit Saad was born in Munich, Germany on May 30, 1929. Her father was a Lebanese linguist and her mother taught German in Düsseldorf, thus she grew up in a cosmopolitan household. This varied upbringing gave her a distinct perspective that would eventually affect her acting career.

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“Eva erbt das Paradies” was Saad’s feature film debut. Her appearance in the British drama film “The Criminal” in 1960, however, gave her international acclaim.

This allowed her to appear in more British films and television shows. In 1961, she co-starred with Tony Hancock in “The Rebel” (retitled “Call Me Genius” in the United States). She also appeared in the Edgar Wallace Mysteries episode “Playback” in 1962.

Saad continued to work in German cinema and television in addition to her English language career. In 1967, she participated in the film “The Magnificent Two” by the famed British comedic duo Morecambe and Wise.

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Her versatility and talent made her a popular actress in both Germany and the United Kingdom.

Saad’s talent also led her to an appearance on American television in an episode of the espionage series “Blue Light” in 1966. Her act in this episode, along with three others, was later put together to produce the American theatrical feature “I Deal in Danger.”

Late Life and Death

Despite her fame, Saad kept her personal life very quiet. Her acting career continued into the 1970s, with her last known film role in “The Last Escape” in 1970. Saad then went away from the spotlight and had a quiet life.

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Margit Saad died tragically on August 7, 2023, at the age of 94. Her contributions to German and English language cinema will be recognised for the rest of her life.

Her adaptability and talent enabled her to flourish in a number of jobs, and she will be missed by both fans and colleagues.

Selected Filmography

Margit Saad’s filmography spans several decades, with roles in both German and English productions. “Behind Monastery Walls” (1952), “Southern Nights” (1953), “The Gipsy Baron” (1954), and “Peter Voss, Thief of Millions” (1958) are among her significant films. She also starred in “The Magnificent Two” (1967) and “I Deal in Danger” (1966).




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