Marga Barbu Cause of Death: Full Details

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Marga Barbu was born on February 24, 1929, and she was a Romanian actress. It is worth noting that Marga Barbu moved to Bucharest with his family just before his 14th birthday.

Most importantly, when Marga Barbu was growing up, she had so much passion and love for dancing. She got employed by the Romanian Opera but during a medical visit, it was found out that she had a heart condition.

Due to this heart condition, Marga Barbu had to put aside the idea of pursuing a dance career. She took up so many courses in acting, dance and philosophy but with the passage of time, she settled on acting as the field to take up as a career.

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She had her education at the Theater Institute in Bucharest and successfully graduated in 1950. Over the years, she has played roles in the series Outlaws, Margelatu series as well as Domnisoara Aurica.

For her role in Domnisoara Aurica, she was awarded the ACIN Award. Marga Barbu has represented Romanian cinema all over the world at several festivals and international events such as the San Sebastian Film Festival (1966), Karlovy Vary Film Festival (1966), Moscow Film Festival (1969) and Sarajevo Film Festival (1969).

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She has also participated in the Days of Romanian Film in the USSR(1965) and the Days of Romanian Film in Rome (1967).

Marga Barbu Cause of Death

It’s public knowledge that Marga Barbu died at the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest. She died in 2009 and was buried at the Bellu Cemetery with military honors. She was buried close to her second husband. She died as a result of a heart condition .

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Marga Barbu Marriage

Marga Barbu was married to a writer called Eugen Barbu. Marga Barbu was married for more than 30 years.

However, it needs to be mentioned that Marga Barbu’s marriage to Eugen Barbu was her third marriage.

Her first marriage was with a textile engineer and her second marriage was to the actor Constantin Codrescu.


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