Marco Liorni’s First Wife. Full details

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Marco Liorni is a multidimensional Italian television presenter, radio broadcaster, and television novelist who was born in Rome on August 6, 1965. 

Acknowledged for his prolific career, Liorni has received numerous honors, including as the Telegatto three times for his work on television programs like “Big Brother,” “They Will Be Famous,” and “Thirty Hours for Life,” and the TV Award – Television Direction Award for “La vita in diretta.” He received a nomination for Revelation Character of the Year in 2012.

Early Life and Career

Passionate about television from an early age, Liorni pursued humanities studies.

Liorni’s professional journey commenced with hosting programs for various local radio stations. Under the pseudonym Marco Donati, he presented shows like “Tele Radio Domani” and “Radio Incontro.” His transition to television included programs such as “Cronaca nera” and “Domenica a tutto goal” on GBR, where he collaborated with Monica Leofreddi and Cristina Bianchino.

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Marco Liorni debuted on Canale 5 in 1996 with “Verissimo,” first as a correspondent and then as the host in place of Cristina Parodi. His television career began with this, which led to hosting positions on Italia 1, Real TV, and “Eroi per caso.” His endeavors also included radio shows on Radio Dimensione Suono and RDS.

When Liorni joined the revolutionary reality show “Big Brother” as a journalist in 2000, his career underwent a critical turning point. His job was to introduce strangers to the world of television before exploring the experiences and fallout of unexpected fame among the relatives of the competitors. He held this position until the seventh edition was out in 2007.

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Following her 2009 move to Rai, Liorni participated in prime-time shows such as “I Dreamers Are Desires” and “Italia Fan Club Music Awards.” In addition to writing and hosting the program “Tra cielo e terra,” which honors the most stunning abbeys and monasteries in Europe, his repertory grew.

“Perfetti lovers,” Liorni’s 2011 Rai 1 premiere, and “Tutta fault di Facebook!”, a theatrical comedy she co-wrote, examined how social media had changed society. He continued hosting “Estate in Diretta” and “Good Afternoon Italy!” alongside Mara Venier, receiving praise and nominations in the process.

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Who is Marco Liorni’s First Wife?

In 2018, Liorni embarked on a new venture, creating and hosting the program “ItaliaSì,” a show dedicated to exploring and celebrating Italian culture. Simultaneously, he achieved record-breaking success as the host of the game show “Reazione a catena” on Rai 1, solidifying his enduring impact on Italian television.

Cristina is the first wife of Marco Liorni. They got married in 1997. 


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