Manzini Francesca Engaged: Full Details

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Manzini Francesca was born on August 10, 1990, in Rome and she can be described as an Italian impersonator, radio host and comedian. Her father is Maurizio Manzini, team manager of Lazio.

It must be noted that Manzini Francesca had a television debut in 2009 after she had completed an apprenticeship in Roman Tourist villages. She was featured on Rai 1 program Festa Italian where she imitated some people. With respect to the television program, Gil Sgommati broadcast on Sky Uno, Manzini Francesca was one of the voice actors.

On March 13, 2015, she took part in the episode of the quiz Avanti unaltro that was aired on Canale 5 but she could not make it to the final
As an impersonator, Manzini Francesca has imitated a lot of personalities.

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Some of the personalities include Platinette, Loredana Bertè, Sandra Mondaini, Virginia Raggi, Mina, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Mara Venier , Susanna Camusso, Annamaria Cancellieri, Maria Stella Gelmini, Angela Merkel, Daniela Santanchè, Maria De Filippi , Chiara Ferragni , Monica Bellucci and Simona Ventura . Others are Ilary Blasi ,Asia Argento, Sabrina Ferilli ,Francesca Cipriani, Giusy Ferreri and Malika Ayane.

With respect to television, she has also been involved with a lot of productions. Some of these productions areItalian Party ( Rai 1, 2009–2010), From there to there, traveling with Bravograzie ( Dahlia TV, 2010), Gli scomati ( Sky Uno , 2012-2013), Aniene 2 – Much Rigor for nothing (Sky Uno, 2012), Virus – The contagion of ideas ( Rai 2, 2014-2015), Matrix Chiambretti ( Channel 5, 2016-2018), Come to me (Rai 1, 2018-2019), Mai dire Talk ( Italia 1, 2018-2019), Amici Celebrities (Channel 5, 2019) competitor, Striscia la notizia (Canale 5, from 2019)and Enjoy – Laughing is good for you (Italy 1, 2020).
Others are Such and such show (Rai 1, 2020) competitor, A box a day (Rai 2, 2022) and Fake Show – Be wary of imitations (Rai 2, 2023)

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So far as her work as a radio host is concerned, Manzini Francesca has worked with a lot of radio stations and they are Come On Kiss Kiss ( Radio Kiss Kiss, 2009–2011), Stalk Radio (Radio Kiss Kiss, 2011), 610 ( Rai Radio 2, 2011-2013), Freestyle ( R101 , 2012–2013), Wild Room ( Radio m2o , 2013–2016) and There’s Something About RDS ( RDS , since 2016)

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Manzini Francesca Engaged

Manzini Francesca is currently in a relationship with Juan Martin Fagiani and they are so much in love.

Juan Martin Fagiani is said to be an Italian-Argentine who believes in Manzini Francesca.

He used to play in the Macerata Amateur Rugby team. It is important to note that not so much is known about Juan Martin Fagiani.


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