MamboLosco Girlfriend. All you need to know

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William Miller Hickman III, known by his stage name MamboLosco, was born in Vicenza, Italy, on August 16, 1991. He has become a notable character in the Italian rap industry by fusing his Italian inspirations with his US citizenship.

Early Life

MamboLosco was raised in a cosmopolitan environment throughout his early years. His parents were an Apulian mother from Brindisi and a soldier in the American army. MamboLosco was born in Vicenza, although he lived most of his early years in America. He didn’t get into the music industry until 2014 when he recorded his first English-language tracks.


MamboLosco officially debuted in 2017 with the YouTube song “Mama I Did It Again,” which he co-wrote with rapper Luscià. He then started releasing songs in Italian, releasing “As If It Were Normal” with Nashley on April 7. MamboLosco’s entry into the Italian rap scene began with this.

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MamboLosco’s career took a significant turn in 2017 when “Guarda come flexo” was released on September 20. This partnership with Edo Fendy was extremely successful, as evidenced by its placement at number sixty-third on the Top Singles list and platinum certification. In the same year, he joined Nashley, Edo Fendy, Kerim, and producer Nardi to establish the Sugo Gang collective.

MamboLosco’s ability attracted the notice of Triplosette Entertainment, the label of Dark Polo Gang, which resulted in a 2017 contract and a subsequent agreement with Virgin Records.

In 2018, MamboLosco continued to climb the charts with “Guarda come flexo 2,” debuting at the sixteenth position on the Top Singles and securing a gold disc certification. His collaboration with Dark Polo Gang on the track “Expensive” further solidified his presence in the Italian rap scene.

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The year 2019 brought more success with the release of the single “Bingo,” reaching the 35th position on the charts. He also featured in the Italian version of “Loco,” a track by Dutch DJ Yung Felix. “Arcobaleno,” released on May 3, reached the sixty-fourth position on the Top Singles chart.

MamboLosco released “Arte,” his debut studio album, on September 12, 2019. Pyrex of Dark Polo Gang, Boro Boro, Shiva, Nashley, Enzo Dong, and Tony Effe were among the artists he collaborated with. He achieved a gold record and third place on the Top Singles list with the album, which was greatly influenced by American trap music.

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Building on this success, He released the song “Il passo” on April 24, 2020, in anticipation of the release of his second album, “Caldo,” on July 3. Recorded in Barcelona, the album has a Latin and reggaeton flavor with a summer vibe.

In 2021, MamboLosco remained a force in the music scene, contributing to Malerba’s single “No Good” on January 5 and collaborating with Radical on Rosa Chemical’s single “Britney” on February 19.

Who is MamboLosco’s Girlfriend?

There is no information about MamboLosco’s girlfriend. It seems he keeps his private life out of the public.


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