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Who is Malika Andrews?

Malika Andrews is an American journalist who currently works as an NBA reporter for ESPN. She was born on January 28, 1995, in Oakland, California, and raised in Portland, Oregon. Andrews attended the University of Portland, where she earned a degree in English.

For The Beacon, the student newspaper at the University of Portland, Andrews started her media career as a sports reporter. Before being hired as a breaking news reporter for the Chicago Tribune in 2017, she had served as an intern at the Denver Post and the New York Times.

Malika Andrews to host ESPN 'NBA Countdown' shows - Newsday

Andrews joined ESPN in 2018 as a general assignment reporter, covering a variety of sports and events, such as the NFL draft, MLB postseason, and NCAA women’s basketball tournament.

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Her intelligent reporting and captivating on-camera persona rapidly made her a rising star in sports journalism.

Andrews was one of the few women to cover the NBA full-time after being elevated to NBA reporter for ESPN in 2019.

Since then, she has gained notoriety in the NBA media, breaking news and offering commentary on the most significant events in the game. In addition, she has helped ESPN cover the WNBA and collegiate basketball.

Andrews is renowned for her social involvement and advocacy outside of her profession in media. She has used her position to advocate for good change and spread awareness for significant causes by speaking out on issues like racial justice and gender equality.

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In 2020, Andrews gained notoriety for her reporting on the NBA’s isolation of teams in Orlando, Florida, as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Her coverage of the players’ advocacy and efforts to advance social justice change won her international acclaim.

Andrews is a reputable and significant figure in sports media, utilizing her position to deliver insightful reporting and encourage good change both inside and outside of the field.

Malika Andrews Husband

Malika Andrews is a quiet individual when it comes to her private life, and she has never made any declarations in public about her married or dating status.

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Malika Andrews has not been found to be married or to have a spouse as of yet. She has also kept her dating history and intimate connections a secret.

Andrews has chosen to concentrate on a career in journalism, and because to her ability and perseverance, she has gained a huge following.

In order to preserve some distance between her public persona and her personal connections, Andrews can decide to keep her private life private. Fans don’t need to know the specifics of Andrews’ personal life to continue to appreciate her work and support her as a journalist.

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