Maddalena Svevi Boyfriend: Full Details

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It needs to be stated that Maddalena Svevi, a Competitor of Amici 22, dance category, was born in the year 2005. Maddalena Svevi was born in Genoa and she started developing a love for dance when she was quite a little child.

She had the support of her parents with respect to dance and they encouraged her .  Right from an early age, Maddalena Svevi attended schools for professional training. She was a student at the Liceo P. Gobetti and specialized in Music and Dance.

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It needs to be mentioned that she also attended the Naima Academy. It must be noted that Maddalena Svevi is currently a member of the Experience Dance Company. The Experience Dance Company is a renowned professional training course for young dancers.

When Maddalena Svevi took part in the Amici 22 school as a dancer, she selected Emanuele Lo as her teacher, even though she had the chance to rather select Raimondo Todaro. A lukewarm vote assigned by the external judge Anbeta Toromani to Maddalena Svevi at the beginning of the race caused Maddalena Svevi to shed some tears.

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However, with time, she mustered some courage and also gained so much confidence. She strung together a series of convincing tests that took her, in March 2023, evening wing of “Amici”.

Maddalena Svevi Boyfriend

Maddalena Svevi is believed to be currently single. However, there are rumors that she could be in a relationship with either Paky or Samuel. These rumors are yet to be substantiated.

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It must however be noted that in October 2022, Maddalena Svevistarted a romantic relationship with Mattia Zenzola, like her a dancer and student of Amici 22. However, the relationship between Maddalena Svevi and Mattia Zenzola did not stand the test of time.

They broke up just after few weeks of dating. Maddalena Svevi and Mattia Zenzola are known to have broken up in December 2022.


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