Louis Joseph César Ducornet  Cause Of Death: Full Details

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Louis Joseph César Ducornet was a French painter who painted with his foot. Louis Joseph César Ducornet was born on January 10, 1806, in Lille and unfortunately died on April 27, 1856, in Paris. Louis Joseph César Ducornet is known most importantly for biblical and historical scenes, as well as portraits.

It must be noted that Louis Joseph César Ducornet was born to poor parents and at the time of his birth, it was detected that he had a birth defect, known as phocomelia. With respect to phocomelia, Louis Joseph César Ducornet had neither arms nor thighs and only four toes to his right foot.

Due to his condition, he could not walk and had to be carried around by his father. Regardless of his condition, he was able to pick up pieces of charcoal from the floor with his toes when he was a child. Based on the rough sketches he worked on, his parents ensured that he received local instruction in art.

Louis Joseph César Ducornet studied under the likes of Guillaume Guillon-Lethière,[5] François Louis Joseph Watteau and François Gérard when he was sent to Paris in 1824. He was given an annual pension of 1,200 francs during the reign of King Charles X.

Even though he could not participate in the competition Prix de Rome, he was awarded on numerous occasions at the Salon. Louis Joseph César Ducornet worked on an eleven-foot-high depiction of Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus after the resurrection that was purchased by the French government.

Some of the notable works or paintings to the credit of Louis Joseph César Ducornet include Repentance. 1828, The Parting of Hector and Andromaque. (Lille Museum.),St. Louis administering Justice. (Lille Museum.), Death of Mary Magdalen. 1840. (Église Saint-André de Lille ,The Repose in Egypt. 1841, Christ in the Sepulchre. 1843 and Edith finding the body of Harold. 1855.

Louis Joseph César Ducornet  Cause Of Death

Louis Joseph César Ducornet died on April 27, 1856, in Paris. He was 50 years old at the time of his death. The cause of his death is currently not available.

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