Little Tony’s First Wife: Full Details

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Little Tony was a Sammarinese singer and actor. He was born on February 9, 1941, and he was known to have achieved great success in the entertainment industry in Britain. This was in the late 1950s and early 1960s and at that time, he was the lead singer of Little Tony & His Brothers.

Later on, Little Tony relocated to Italy to continue a solo career as a singer and a film actor.
Little Tony was born in Italy but a citizen of San Marino. He founded a rock and roll group which had his brothers, Alberto and Enrico as members.

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Durium Records signed Little Tony’s rock and roll band in 1958 and that propelled the band to release a series of covers of American rock and roll songs in Italy. Little Tony’s band was recommended to TV pop show producer, Jack Good by Italian singer, Marino Marini and through that the band was signed by the show producer.

The band made an appearance in the British TV show Boy Meets Girls first in September 1959 and subsequently released the first single titled I Can’t Help It in the UK.
Little Tony’s band made a return to Italy in 1961 to participate in the Sanremo Festival. The band performed the song 24,000 Baci with Adriano Celentano and placed second.

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Little Tony became a solo artist and released his single titled Il ragazzo col cluffo in 1962. He also worked as a film actor and he is known to have appeared in over 20 movies in Italy.

As a matter of fact, Little Tony is considered a star in the musicarelli film genre. Throughout the 1960s, he released several songs and one of his biggest hits was Cuore Matto; this hit song was from the 1967 edition of the Sanremo Festival and was number 1 for nine consecutive weeks in 1967.

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Over 6 million copies of the song were sold and it even got awarded a gold disc in 1967. Little Tony had other hits that sold millions of copies across the world.

Little Tony’s First Wife

Details about the first wife of Little Tony are yet to be updated. However, Maria Laura Mattarucco was his second wife. She was a famous Italian singer and lyricist. Maria and Little Tony met in the 1980s and fell in love before they got married. They had a son called Stefano.


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