List of Snail Farmers In Ghana.

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The prospect of saving snails in any way, shape, or form isn’t basic particularly in some African nations where individuals are accustomed to picking them from the forest. Be that as it may, there are individuals who have decided to reap money from this uncommon yet quick-picking adventure of snail farming. The way that you don’t need to let lose any important space or even put resources into takes care of makes the endeavor simple to begin and worthwhile as the benefits are touchy.

Shockingly snails are a most loved delicacy for certain individuals. They are wealthy in supplements as well as amazing with regards to corrective and excellence. Lamentably, notwithstanding being a relish for some, they are not generally reasonable or accessible throughout the entire year. This implies hence that any individual that wanders into this generally safe business is ensured certain benefits as the market can’t be depleted regardless of whether one attempts. The accompanying pointers will prove to be useful while wandering into this kind of cultivating. Snail Farmers in Ghana in various manners give the vast majority of space that gives all snails require to grow.

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List of Snail Farmers In Ghana.

Below are some of the list of Snail Farmers In Ghana

  • Mr Eric Agbevor
  • Mr Alex Tawiah
  • Mr Micheal Djam
  • Mrs Philomina Alovor
  • Afia Adjei
  • Maa Akosua Assem
  • Dorcas Bruce
  • Yaa Asantewaa Kokui
1. Getting it right
Hatchery/ incubator as some practical rules that gaurd it
I. soil mosture
ii. Mulching leafs
iii. Incubator temperature etc.
Failure to get this right will result in low numbers or unhatched Snails eggs.
2. Dry season and hot temperature
Dry season is character with dryness, dust, hotness, and deficiency of fruits and vegetables.
This is Also a major factor that result in low numbers/ unhatched Snails eggs.
3. Low fertilized egg
Their is a tendency of having unfertilized Snails eggs in the hatchery/incubator.
This occurred as a result of what we feed how Snails and the care giving to the Snails.
Something this happen when a grower or under eggs Snails lay eggs.


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