List Of Outre Hair Wholesale Distributors In Ghana

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We’ll take a look at a list of outre hair wholesale distributors in Ghana today. We’ll offer you their phone numbers and the exact location where you may find them.

Ghana’s cosmetics industry has grown at an exponential rate throughout the years. Many companies may now make their own lotions, soaps, and even synthetic human hairs. Distributors, on the other hand, play an important role in the market since without them, things created would not reach ordinary people.

About The Outre Brand

Outre is here to create hair products that will transform the way you see yourself today, tomorrow, and forever.

With over four decades of experience, Outre has accumulated a deep-rooted and multi-layered understanding of developing hair products.

From classic staples to the latest trends, we bring hairstyles to life in every shape and form. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy style, or something customizable, Outre carries the products for you to look and feel like your best, most beautiful self.

Inspired by the creativity of hair expression, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience.
In collaboration with top stylists, real consumers, and our team of expert hair technicians, we are able to consistently innovate and deliver products that are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and affordable for all.

Below Is A List Of Outre Hair Wholesale Distributors In Ghana




Hair Extensions Suppliers Accra +86 185 8885 4246
SoHer Wigs Shop A6, Golf street 050 067 5444 Carl Reindoff St, Accra 020 088 9990
Best hair deals Makola 1st Floor, KojoThompson RD, Knutsford St Accra Ghana, Mokola Georgina Store, Accra 024 951 6095
Pretty hair Store Kojo Thompson Road, mokola shopping mall 024 090 1933
HMBABY Turn Right GH The Grate Accra Boundary Road West Behind Comm. 18 Block Factory / Taxi Rank,, 2nd 050 314 4154
Hair sentry 36 koo street, Ogbodjo 020 902 3723
HairSenta A&C Mall Jungle Ave, Accra 024 490 7898
Best hair deals East legon 7 Pawpaw St, Accra 054 309 0102
Hrm Hair and Cosmetics Tetegu Road, Ga West 027 496 3000
Wigs by Jade Ataa Moi Ln, Accra 024 334 0673
Jazzy’s Beauty Suppliers MRJ4+XM4
Becky Wigs Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra 024 460 1181
Hair Duties Awuletey St, Accra 054 695 4010
Abejays hair Koteiman Cl, Accra 024 977 1887
Wigclub Nii Sai Rd, Accra 024 977 1887
Sabrylicious Accra +233 263969096 +233 263969096
Weave Ghana Limited Accra 024 211 6539
COY HAIR & more La-Bawaleshi Rd, Accra 020 204 4774


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