List Of Military Training Schools in Ghana

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In this post, I am going to do my best to you through a complete list of Military Training Schools in Ghana, where you can find these schools and other relevant information about Ghana’s Military.

Before we get into the list of Military school in Ghana, let’s go through a brief history about the Ghana Armed Forces.

About Ghana Armed Forces 

The Gold Coast Constabulary was formed in 1879 from members of the Hausa Constabulary of Southern Nigeria to provide internal security and law enforcement in the British colony of the Gold Coast. As part of the Ashanti campaign, the regiment received its first battle honour in this shape.

The Ghana Regiment was represented by the GAF War Flag during World War II’s Burma Campaign in the South-East Asian Theatre.

Following the formation of the West African Frontier Force under the auspices of the British Government’s Colonial Office, the Gold Coast Constabulary was renamed the Gold Coast Regiment in 1901. During the First World War, the regiment created a total of five battalions, all of which participated in the East Africa campaign.

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As part of the 2nd (West Africa) Infantry Brigade, the regiment recruited nine battalions and saw action in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District, Italian Somaliland, Abyssinia, and Burma during WWII.

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) are Ghana’s unified armed forces, which include the Ghana Army, Ghana Navy, and Ghana Air Force.

The President of Ghana, who is also the military commander of the Border Guard Unit, is the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces (BGU). The Minister of Defense and the Chief of Defense Staff are in charge of the armed forces.

List Of Military Training Schools in Ghana

Ghana has two main Military schools where all members of the army recieve their formal training. Let’s check them out.

1. Ghana Military Academy

The Ghana Military Academy is the Ghana Armed Forces’ military academy. Officer cadets from the Ghana Army, Ghana Navy, and Ghana Air Force get basic military training here. Teshie, in the Greater Accra Region, is the location of the academy.

2. Army Recruit Training School 

This is where members of the lower rank core of the Ghana Armed forces are trained. The Army recruit training school is located at Kordiabe in the Shai Osudoku district of Accra popularly known as Shai hills.

How To Get Into The Military

Every year the Ghana Armed Forces release forms for both Officer cadet corp and the recruit for Ghanaians who are between the ages of 18 to 26 to apply.

Note: You have to at least be an SHS graduate before you apply to get a chance of getting into the military.

You can check out their official website at for more updates.

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