Lisa Feller Husband; All You Need To Know

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Lisa Feller Biography

Lisa Feller, born on May 15, 1976, in Düsseldorf, is a German actress, comedian, and former radio presenter.

She became well-known for her part in the comedy series “Schillerstrasse” and her stand-up performances on numerous comedy programmes like “Quatsch Comedy Club,” “Nightwash,” and “RTL II Fun Club.”

Lisa Feller: Die Frohnatur Lisa Feller has been hosting the ARD cabaret show “Ladies Night” since 2019.

She has dabbled with live performances in addition to her television work and has produced a number of solo programmes.

Feller continued her education at Münster, where she majored in Catholic theology while studying primary school teaching. She developed her improvisational abilities while attending college by joining the Placebo theatre group as a regular performer and improv actress.

She became a rising celebrity in the comedy scene thanks to her talent and commitment after winning the Gloria Crown in 2005 and the Improv Cup in 2004.

When Lisa Feller won the inaugural season of the entertainment programme “The Incredibly Smartest Person Alive” in August 2022, she gained even more notoriety. She has a devoted following thanks to her variety and humorous talent.

Comedy mit Lisa Feller: Guter Sex ist teuer!

In addition to her professional achievements, Feller also lives in Munster and is a mother to two kids. She has been able to balance her personal and professional lives despite the rigours of her employment.

Throughout her career, Lisa Feller has produced a variety of live shows that have delighted German audiences. She has performed in a number of well-known plays, such as “Kill Bernd – but before that, he takes out the garbage” (2010), “The devil wears Pampers” (2012), “Good sex is expensive!” (2014), “Next, please!” (2017), and “I’m coming more often now!” and “Dirty Talk” (2022), respectively.

Her distinctive humorous style and capacity for audience connection are on display in every programme.

Lisa Feller’s talent has been acknowledged, and she has won awards. She received a nomination in 2012 for the Prix Pantheon, a top prize in the German comedy scene. In 2017, she was additionally recognised with the Bottrop FrechDax award.

Feller has dabbled in different media in addition to her live concerts and television appearances. In films and TV shows including “Lindenstrasse,” “Schillerstraße,” “NightWash,” “Fun(k)haus,” and others, she has made appearances.

The range of Feller’s abilities includes her work as a speaker and narrator for a variety of radio plays and podcasts.

With her hilarious performances, riveting stage presence, and engaging hosting abilities, Lisa Feller never fails to enchant audiences.

She has established herself as a beloved presence in the German comedy scene with her distinct blend of humour and relatability. She is now a reputable actress, comedian, and presenter thanks to her services to the entertainment sector.

Lisa Feller Husband; All You Need To Know

Lisa Feller was previously married to Bernd Feller with whom they stayed together as a couple from 2007 to the year 2014 and were blessed with two children.

Bernd Feller is an industrial engineer who lives in hamburg but little is known about his personal life as he keeps away from the media and public.

Lisa and Bernd’s marriage is said to have ended due to their differences but they still keep in touch for the sake of their two sons.

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