Lisa and Lena’s Biological Parents. Everything you need to know

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Identical twins Lisa and Lena Mantler, who are from Stuttgart, Germany, gained notoriety on the social media site Vine when they were just in their early teens and went viral online. There’s more to their story than meets the eye, even though they are highly recognized for their cooperative online presence.


The duo embarked on their YouTube journey on January 15, 2016, and their channel ‘XLL by Lisa and Lena’ has garnered an impressive 50 million views to date.

With a substantial fan base of 7.9 million followers on TikTok, they share the username ‘lisaandlena’ and continue to create captivating TikTok videos together.
Having made their mark, Lisa and Lena secured representation from the renowned American talent agency, WME. On July 26, 2017, they released their debut single, ‘Not My Fault,’ further expanding their creative horizons.

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Their exceptional talents have not gone unnoticed. The twins have been honored with accolades such as The Golden Bravo Otto in 2016 and The Shorty Awards for Muser of the Year in 2017. In addition, they received nominations for Choice Muser and Best Muser at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

Beyond dancing and lip-syncing, the twins also found success in fashion and beauty, launching their clothing line “J1MO71” in 2017. This brand gave their fans an opportunity to adopt their unique style and displayed their personal taste in clothing.

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Not only did Lisa and Lena look alike, but they also seemed to enjoy making content together, which was what made them stand out. Because they shared their humor, creativity, and everyday lives in their videos, their fans found them charming and relatable.

Who are Lisa and Lena’s Biological Parents?

Lisa and Lena Mantler are the daughters of Viktor and Birgit Mantler and were born on June 17, 2002. However, Viktor and Birgit Mantler are not the biological parents of Lisa and Lena. The twins were adopted when they were 6 months old.

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The twins were raised in Stuttgart by a devoted and helpful family. Tim, their elder brother, makes sporadic appearances on their social media posts.

From the start, Viktor and Birgit Mantler have been encouraging of their daughters’ growing social media careers. Their encouragement and openness played an important part in enabling Lisa and Lena to pursue and share their creative endeavors with the world.


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