Leyla Lahouar Ex-Boyfriend: Full Details

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Who is Leyla Lahouar’s ex-boyfriend? Is Leyla Lahouar in a relationship? Why did Leyla Lahouar break up with her ex-boyfriend? Did Leyla Lahouar have a baby with her ex-boyfriend?

A lot of fans of the 2023 “The Bachelor” contestant are curious to know about her ex-boyfriend. Hence in this write-up, we will be taking a closer look at the love life of Leyla Lahouar and provide you with all the relevant details about her ex-boyfriend.

Who Is Leyla Lahouar?

Leyla Lahouar is a German reality show contestant and entrepreneur born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. She gained fame after she contested in the dating reality show “The Bachelor” earlier this year.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t lucky enough to get the opportunity to date David Jackson who was the bachelor looking for a partner in the 2023 edition. She was eliminated in the seventh episode although she believes she is a “wifey material”.

Before participating in “The Bachelor” in 2023, Lahouar participated in the dating show “Ex on the Beach” in 2022 where she had to leave the show after hitting her ex, Teezy.

She is also the founder of a beauty brand that is into lashes called “Zouleyna Cosmetics”.

Who Is Leyla Lahouar Ex-Boyfriend?

Teezy is the last known ex-boyfriend of Leyla Lahouar. The two were on the 2022 edition of “Ex on the Beach” where she was eliminated after she hit Teezy for not choosing her.

She later expressed remorse for allowing her anger to take the better of her. Unfortunately, there is no record available to us about what caused their breakup in the first place.

We are also unable to ascertain when they started dating and when they broke up. However, she revealed in “The Bachelor” that she has been single for four years meaning that they probably broke up in 2019.

We will update this write-up in case further investigations reveal anything new.

Did Leyla Lahouar Have A Baby With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

No. Lahouar did not have a baby with her immediate ex or any of her exes for that matter. The 26-year-old former contestant of “The Bachelor” does not have any kids yet as of July 2023.

Is Leyla Lahouar In a Relationship?

The current relationship status of Layla Lahouar is not known. All attempts to find out about her current relationship status did not come up with any positive results as she prefers to keep that aspect of her life away from the public.

We will continue to keep tabs on her and update this write-up as and when we get anything regarding her love life.

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