Leopoldina Balanuta Cause Of Death: Full Details

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Leopoldina Balanuta was a Romanian actress and he was born on December 10, 1934. She was born in the house of her grandparents in  Hăulișca, Vrancea County. Her parents were Neculai Bălănuță, a priest, and Sanda.

She attended the  Institute of Theatre and Film Arts (IATC), Bucharest and successfully graduated in 1958. She received the Order of Cultural Merit, fourth class in 1967. Leopoldina Balanuta got married to actor Mitică Popescu.

Some of the films she was involved in include The Subterranean (1967), as Irina Jelescu, The Moment (1979), as Maria Nobilu and The Oak (1992), as Nela’s mother.

Leopoldina Balanuta ‘s life has been a difficult one full of pain and anxiety. Her father, Neculai Bălănuță, were captured by the by the Soviets in 1944 and for about two years, no one knew his whereabouts.

Leopoldina Balanuta completed the 4th grade of secondary school at the Girls’ High School in Focşani in 1948. Subsequently, her father returned home and after some time, he got work as a dean and priest at the Military Chap.

However, in 1958, Neculai Bălănuță was arrested by the Security and sentenced to 36 months of labor in a camp for suspicion of legionary activities before August 23, 1944.

Until he was freed on February 23, 1961, he had served a year in the Culmea camp.
Leopoldina Balanu made her debut on the theater stage in Bucharest in 1959 and she played a role in the play titled “First Meeting”, directed by Ion Cojar.

She was also featured in “A Handkerchief on the Danube”, directed by the same director Cojar.

It is worth noting that she also got a job at the “Constantin Nottara” Film Actor’s Studio and she was featured in over 50 productions. Leopoldina Balanuta does not act in many films but she is always found in productions that are important so far as Romanian cinema is concerned.

Leopoldina Balanuta Cause of Death

Leopoldina Balanuta died on October 14, 1998 in Bucharest, Romania. She died of cirrhosis and was 63 years old at the time of her death.

Leopoldina Balanuta Marriage

Leopoldina Balanuta got married to actor Mitică Popescu in 1977. They lived on the third floor of a chic block on Grigore Mora Street, in the Romanian Television area.

Leopoldina Balanuta was a complete actress; in theater, cinematography, and television. She took poetry to a different level.

She was so much into Eminescu and Nichita Stănescu and recited their poems all over the country.

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