Led Ceiling Light Prices In Ghana


Led Ceiling lights are not too expensive or cheap. In fact, their prices are moderate. However, their prices are dependent on the type or style of ceiling light you are after and also, the shop you intend buying your ceiling light from. 

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What Is LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

There are several types of LED lights and a typical one is the LED ceiling light. 

LED is a modish technology that keeps increasing in popularity nowadays. Simply because, it comes with features that make it easy to use and cost effective (slashing down emissions and energy costs). As a result, the usage of traditional light bulbs keeps declining.

Currently, LED lights are widely utilized for both residential lighting and commercial applications. For instance, they are used in: hospitals, offices, factories, conference rooms, warehouses, schools, airports, hotels and etc.

What Are LED Ceiling Lights?

LED Ceiling Lights can be thought of as LED lights that are mostly fixed on building ceilings.

LED ceiling lights come in different designs, shapes and sizes but, they all render the same purpose. 

Installing the LED ceiling lights is not difficult and does not involve any specialization. 

Without a hitch, LEDs can be adapted for usage with diverse power supplies as well as casing. 

Frankly speaking, LED ceiling lights of today are on tap in a wide range of styles, from sleek round to square panel lights and also, daedal chandeliers to pendant lights that are available in varied shapes such as: cones and cylinders. 

LED ceiling lights could be utilized for ambient lighting and also, they are fitted with high efficiency drivers and dimmers to handily change the atmosphere of a room.

Types Of LED Ceiling Lights

  • Led Ceiling Lights come with a variety of:
  • Styles (sleek round and square panel lights)
  • Complex Chandeliers
  •  Pendant Lights (Conical and Cylindrical Shapes).

Prices Of LED Ceiling Lights

Prices are determined by factors such as: the type or style of LED ceiling light and also, the shop or store you intend buying from. 

As mentioned earlier, the prices of LED ceiling lights are not fixed. However, I am going to get you the average or estimated price.

Approximately, a LED ceiling lights cost: GH¢ 40 – GH¢ 150.

Explore the actual prices here: TechLedGhana, Tonaton, Hamgel Lighting, Jumia Ghana, Citilightsestore, Diamond Energy Ghana, Jiji Ghana

Where To Buy LED Ceiling Light In Ghana

  • Melcom Ghana
  • Hamgel Lighting
  • Tech Led Ghana
  • Diamond Energy Ghana
  • Tonaton
  • City Lights estore
  • Jumia Ghana
  • Jiji Ghana
  • And etc. 





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