Latex Foam Sofa Prices In Ghana, Full Details


Sofas have become very important in our daily lives in recent times. From sharing lovely family moments to the reflections of our long hectic days, the sofa serves as an essential household accessory. 

Getting a perfect sofa in your living room even goes a long way to improve your livelihood, but how do you find the right sofa at the best price? Keep reading this article till the end, and you find out. 

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In this post, I will be taking you through the prices of the sofas sold at Latex foam Ghana. As we all know, latex foam is the leading manufacturers of all foam products in West Africa. 

Latex foam sofas are available in a variety of fabrics and leathers. The couches are made of high-quality fabric or leather to provide world-class comfort-centred seating. There is an unlimited pool of alternatives to bring your living space to life with their vast selection of colour options on their new sofa line.

Latex Foam Sofa Prices

Below are the prices of Sofas sold at Latex foam Ghana.

Sofa Chair 

The latex foam Sofa S/S chair goes of GHS 500.00.

Sofa Set 

Latex foam sofa set prices range between GHS 1,400 to GHS 1,500.00

Latex foam sofa set in pictures.

Where To Buy Your Latex Foam Sofa 

Buying a latex foam sofa shouldn’t be a cumbersome process at all, all you need to do is to visit any of their showrooms nationwide to get yours today. 

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Contact Latex Foam Ghana

Latex Foam | Accra (Head Office & Main Factory)

Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area, Kaneshie
P.O. Box: 533
+233 (302) 231155-62
+233 (302) 223107 / +233 (302) 222189

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