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Kurt Vespermann can be described as a German stage and film actor. Kurt Vespermann was born on May 1, 1887, but died on July 13, 1957.
It is not surprising that Kurt Vespermann became a stage and film actor.

This was due to the fact that he was born into an actor’s family in Culmsee West Prussia, Imperial Germany, now Chelmza, Poland. It must also be noted that the great-grandparents of Kurt Vespermann were actors and directors. They were actors and directors at operas as well as theaters.

The career of Kurt Vespermann got to a start at the Royal Schauspielhaus Berlin in 1913. However, his first appearance in a silent movie was in 1915. Kurt Vespermann was known to have married Lia Eibenschutz. His wife was an actress and they had a son called Gerd Vespermann. Gerd Vespermann was an actor. When Kurt Vespermann died in 1957, he was buried at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtnis cemetery which was located in Berlin.

While alive, Kurt Vespermann made appearances in a lot of films. Some of these films are 1923: The Little Napoleon – Florian Wunderlich, 1923: The Buddenbrooks – Renee Throta, 1923: Tragedy of Love – Staatsanwalt-Substitut, 1923: The Countess of Paris – Oberstaatsanwalt, 1923: The Great Industrialist, 1924: Maud Rockefeller’s Bet – Bill Wellwood, 1924: The Little Duke – Leutnant Alexander, 1925: Athletes – Fridolin Stumper, 1925: Passion – Rudi Anthofer, 1925: Den of Iniquity – Gustav, 1925: The Great Opportunity, 1925: The Woman without Money, 1925: A Woman for 24 Hours – Emil Springer and 1926: The Pride of the Company – Musketier Franz.

Others are 1926: The Man in the Fire – Karl Winter, 1926: The Young Man from the Ragtrade, 1926: Unmarried Daughters – Stichelmann – ein Maler, 1927: Der Kavalier vom Wedding, 1927: The Pink Slippers – Adjutant, 1927: Babette Bomberling – Kippenbach jr., 1927: How Do I Marry the Boss? , 1927: Männer vor der Ehe – Der arme Junggeselle and 1927: The Prisoners of Shanghai – Teddy Knickerbocker, Berichterstatter.

Kurt Vespermann’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.

Kurt Vespermann’s Age, Birth Date

Kurt Vespermann was born on May 1, 1887. He died on July 13, 1957, at the age of 68.

Kurt Vespermann’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children,

Kurt Vespermann was married to Lia Eibenschutz. Lia Eibenschutz was an actress . Kurt Vespermann and Lia Eibenschutz had a son called Gerd Vespermann. Gerd Vespermann was an actor.

Kurt Vespermann’s Height, Weight

His weight and height are not available

Kurt Vespermann’s Net Worth

His net worth is not updated on his main Wikipedia page but Celebs Age Wiki pegs his net worth between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

Kurt Vespermann’s Parents

Even though it is known that the parents of Kurt Vespermann worked for a touring company, their names are yet to be updated.

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