Kpogas Furniture Sofa Prices

Nowadays, more and more people are identifying sofas as their ideal apartment or room furniture. The usage of sofas at homes, churches, offices, schools and etc, keeps increasing. 

Simple as it may sound, individuals and institutions are going after sofas because, sofas are known to be decorative and also, they are durable (long lasting). 

In addition, sofas come with beautiful designs and wide varieties of colors. One gets the option to choose which design or color suits him/her best. 

Get to know the prices of sofas at Kpogas Furniture in this post. As you move further in this post, you will discover more about Kpogas Furniture (their products, locations, contact information, etc) and a lot more.

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About Kpogas Furniture

Kpogas Standard Furniture Company Limited is a furniture manufacturing company based in Ghana. The company was established by Mr. Worlanyo Kofi Agbo in 1988. Kpogas Furniture Company Limited has its headquarters in Odorkor, Accra. To state vividly, Kpogas Furniture Company Limited is one of the leading furniture manufacturing companies in Ghana.

Since its establishment, Kpogas Furniture Company Limited has been able to serve both of their local and foreign clients. Again, It’s no surprising to know that, Kpogas Furniture Company Limited has been adjudged one of the best Furniture manufacturing companies in Africa.

Some of the woods that Kpogas Furniture Company Limited uses in its production include: mahogany, chedua, Wawa, Sapele, Odum, walnut, asanfona and a lot more.

Products At Kpogas Furniture

As mentioned earlier, Kpogas Furniture Company Limited is one of the best manufacturing companies in Ghana and beyond. They are into the manufacturing of a wide range of furniture products. Some of these furniture products include:

    • Sitting Room Furniture
    • Bed Room Furniture
    • Dining Room Furniture 
    • Office Furnishings
    • Furniture For Schools And Hospitals
    • Kitchen Cabinets
    • Garden Chairs
    • Executive Desks
    • Swivel Chairs and a lot more
Prices Of Sofas At Kpogas Furniture 

How much does a sofa furniture cost in Ghana at Kpogas Furniture Company Limited? Get the price of a Sofa at Kpogas Furniture Company Limited below.

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Price: The price ranges from GH¢ 500 – GH¢ 3000. Trying to budget anything within the quoted price is enough to purchase a sofa at Kpogas Furniture Company Limited. 

Location Of Kpogas Furniture

The main branch is located in Odorkor, Accra. Other branches can be found in:

  • Odorkor, near Gloryland Hotel
  • Spintex, Coastal 
  • Trade Fair, La Accra 
  • Kumasi Bomso 
  • Adenta S.D.A 
  • Takoradi Tanorom
Contact Information of Kpogas

Odorkor Branch, near Gloryland Hotel 020 811 4619

Spintex, Coastal Branch: 020 811 4619

Trade Fair, La Accra Branch: 020 811 4619

Kumasi Bomso Branch: 020 811 4619

Adenta S.D.A Branch: 020 8114 619

Takoradi Tanorom Branch: 020 811 4619

All the best. Your feedbacks are highly welcomed. Thanks. 


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