Konny Reimann Cancer : Full Details

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Konny Reimann was born on September 10, 1955, in Hamburg, Germany. He can be described as a German entrepreneur and television personality. Konny Reimann was raised by his mother and stepfather in Hamburg.

He trained as a ship engine builder and technical draftsman at the Hamburg shipyard from 1972 till 1975. This was after he had finished elementary school. Konny Reimann started working as a refrigeration technician after serving for two years in the Bundeswehr.

Konny Reimann, for about 20 years, lived on Schenefeld but in 2004, she relocated to the United States of America with his wife, Manuela. His wife then had a green card. They settled with their two children in Gainesville in northeast Texas.

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Konny Reimann acquired a lakefront property at Moss Lake and also built a 743-meter square residential building with a lighthouse. The outlook for the building was based on the model from the American film, Yours, Mine & Ours.

He ran a holiday resort with three guest houses. Later in 2015, Konny Reimann and his wife moved to one of the eight main islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

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There is currently no record to suggest that Konny Reimann and Manuela have divorced.

Konny Reimann Cancer

There is no report or information to suggest that has Konny Reimann cancer.

TV Appearances

Some of the TV appearances of Konny Reimann were since 2004: Extra – The RTL Magazine ,2006–2013: Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants , 2010: TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge, 2011: The Perfect Dinner, 2013–2021: The Reimanns – An Extraordinary Life, 2013: Emergency Call Harbor Edge ( La Paloma ), 2013: Aldi versus Lidl, 2013: Boys vs. Girls, 2013: Welcome to Mario Barth, 2013: My husband can, 2013: The Pool Champions – celebrities underwater and 2013: Ina’s Night, June 29th.

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Others are 2014: The Reimanns – Brazil Special, 2015-2016: The DIY King, 2015: Emergency call Hafenkante ( escape to the mudflats ), 2016: The Big RTL2 celebrity bowling evening, 2016: The Fair Kings, 2016: Crash Test Celebrities, 2017: The big RTL2 – celebrity curling evening, 2017: Paul Panzer’s Comedy Game Night, 2017-2019: Konny Goes Wild! and since 2022: Welcome to the Reimanns.

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