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Knitting Machine Price In ghana. June 2023

Hello and welcome to another exciting article on GhanaInsider. The popularity of knitting machines has surged worldwide due to their ability to create clothing, accessories, and fabrics quickly and efficiently. In Ghana, there is a growing interest in purchasing these machines for both personal and commercial use.

To meet this demand, it’s important to have knowledge about the various types of knitting machines available in the market along with their prices. The aim of this guide is to provide valuable insights into knitting machine prices in Ghana so that you can make an informed decision.

Knitting Machine Price In ghana

Various categories of knitting Machines

Let’s first talk about the different kinds of knitting machines before we move on to discussing their prices. There are three main types of knitting machines:

These knitting machines are simple and budget-friendly, necessitating the user to manually operate the carriage by moving it back and forth. They are particularly useful for novice machine knitters who want to develop their skills.

Knitting machines that utilize punch cards are capable of producing patterned knitted fabric. The operator inputs the desired design by inserting a punched card, which controls the knitting needles to execute the pattern.

The priciest and cutting-edge form of knitting machines are electronic ones, which are wholly automated and run by a computer or pre-installed software. These devices enable the creation of intricate and elaborate patterns, making them perfect for professionals or skilled knitters.

Prices of machines for knitting in Ghana

The prices of knitting machines in Ghana vary depending on factors such as the brand, model, and features of the machine, as well as the retailer. It’s important to note that different types of knitting machines exist.

1. Knitting machines that are operated manually are available at a reasonable price, ranging from GHS 500 to GHS 2,000. A variety of manual knitting machine models are popular in Ghana, such as:

This machine, the Silver Reed LK150, is an ideal choice for those who are new to knitting or want to use it at home. It has a reasonable cost between GHS 1,200 and GHS 1,500 and is designed to be lightweight and easy to store.

2. A knitting machine that is flexible and user-friendly, the Brother KX-350 is ideal for trying out small projects and innovative designs. It can be purchased for a price range of GHS 500 to GHS 800.

3. There are more advanced knitting machines available called punch card knitting machines. These machines offer a wider variety of pattern options and are priced between GHS 2,500 to GHS 6,000. In Ghana, there are several popular models of punch card knitting machines.

3. Furthermore, the Silver Reed SK280 is available for purchase at a cost ranging from GHS 3,500 to GHS 4,000. This particular machine is equipped with a 24-stitch punch card mechanism and is considered to be dependable and of superior quality.

4. Moreover, the famous Brother KH-260, has a pattern mechanism of 24 stitches and costs from GHS 2,500 to GHS 3,500.

5. The costliest choice for knitting machines are the electronic ones, which can range from GHS 8,000 to GHS 20,000. In Ghana, there are several well-liked models available.

6. The Silver Reed SK840, which has numerous stitch patterns and is fully electronic, is available for purchase at a cost ranging from GHS 12,000 to GHS 15,000.

7. Also, an electronic knitting machine called Brother KH-970 comes with a built-in computer that makes pattern programming easy. It is sold at a price range of GHS 18,000 to GHS 20,000.

Additional Costs

Additional expenses for accessories and supplies should be considered when buying a knitting machine. These may include:

1. The needles used for knitting machines may require replacement at certain intervals, which can vary based on the make and type of machine. The cost of purchasing replacement needles typically falls between GHS 50 to GHS 150 per pack.

2. Additional punch cards may be required for different patterns when using a punch card knitting machine. The price of these cards can range from GHS 30 to GHS 100 per pack.

3.Yarn: The price of yarn will vary based on the type and quality selected. More expensive high-quality options exist, as well as more affordable choices. Skeins of yarn can cost anywhere between GHS 20 to GHS 100.

4. Regular upkeep and infrequent fixes are also critical to ensure that your knitting machine operates smoothly. The expenses for maintenance and repair may fluctuate based on the problem and the fees charged by the technician.


Understanding the various types of knitting machines and their prices is essential when planning to buy one in Ghana. While manual machines are the least expensive, electronic models offer more advanced features albeit at a higher cost.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are extra expenses involved when buying a knitting machine, such as maintenance, yarn, needles, and punch cards. To ensure you get the right knitting machine for your budget and requirements, you should investigate and compare different models and their costs.

In Ghana, you can find a knitting machine suitable for your needs whether you are new to the craft or an expert. Spend some time researching your choices and before long, you’ll be able to make stunning knitted pieces.



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