Klaus Wildbolz Cause of Death: Full Details

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Klaus Wildbolz was a Swiss actor who was born on August 25, 1937, in Vienna, Austria. His grandfather was Eduard Wildbolz, who became known as the Bernese square commander during the national strike in 1918. The father of Klaus Wildbolz served as the General Manager of the Bally shoe factory Georg Wildbolz.

Klaus Wildbolz grew up in Austria and Switzerland and it is important to note that he had a twin brother called Jost. His twin brother lives in Switzerland and works as a photographer. Klaus Wildbolz had commercial training as well as did military service in the Swiss Army.

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Afterward, he studied music and performing arts at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.
Klaus Wildbolz became very popular in the 1970s after he moderated the ARD television quiz Schnickschnack. He also had an engagement at the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna.

Some of the television series he played roles in include Schlosshotel Orth, Ringstraßepalais, Hotel Paradies and Der Bergdoktor. He was also involved in The Inspector, The Old Man and  Derrick.

Klaus Wildbolz played the role of an investigator in 1996 with respect to the Tatort episode My Is Revenge which was directed by Houchang Allahyari with Fritz Karl and Andrea Handel.

Klaus Wildbolz Cause of Death

Klaus Wildbolz died on January 4, 2017, in Vienna after a short illness. The honorary grave of Klaus Wildbolz is located in the Hietzinger Cemetery in Vienna, group 65, row 4, grave no. 13.

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It must be noted that the grave was designed by the Viennese sculptor Wolfgang Karnutsch.


Klaus Wildbolz got married to actress Christiane Pauli. He also got married to an employee of a bank and then to the assistant director Barbara Matula.

The assistant director Barbara Matula died in 2008 due to cancer. Klaus Wildbolz lived with Nadine von Vöhren from Hamburg till his death.



Some of the films Klaus Wildbolz played roles in include 1965: Everyone Makes Music (TV series), 1968: The Crime Museum (TV series, episode Das Goldstück ), 1971: The Inspector (TV series, episode When the Flowers Were Mourning ), 1971: The great aunts strike, 1971: When the father and the son (TV series, episode The Noise), 1973: Viennese women and 1974: Schnickschnack (quiz series, presenter).

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Others are 1975: Power of Attorney to commit murder, 1976: Johann and Anna, 1977: The Chain (television two-parter), 1977: Crime Scene: The Forgotten Murder, 1979: Derrick (TV series, episode The Temptation ), 1979: Dance into happiness, 1980: Police Inspectorate 1 (TV series, episode The Recruitment ) and 1980: Derrick (TV series, episode Insatiable Hunger ).

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