King Louis’s Cause of Death

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Louis XVI of France, sometimes known as Louis-Auguste, was born into a challenging and turbulent childhood. Before the French Revolution, he was the last king or queen of France, and throughout his reign, he had several political and financial issues that finally brought about his collapse.

Early Life

On August 23, 1754, Louis XVI was born at France’s Palace of Versailles. He was the third child of Maria Josepha of Saxony and Louis, Dauphin of France. He was raised at the magnificent and affluent Versailles Palace, which had a big impact on how he was raised.

To improve relations between France and Austria diplomatically, Louis XVI married Marie Antoinette, the Archduchess of Austria, in 1770 when he was only 15 years old. The goal of this marriage was to represent the cessation of hostilities between the two countries. The marriage, however, did little to help France’s political and economic issues.

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In 1774, Louis XVI succeeded his grandfather, King Louis XV, to the French throne. With heavy war debt and lavish royal expenditure, the nation he inherited was in dire financial straits. The enormous task of addressing these problems and re-establishing the stability of the monarchy fell to the new king.

Challenges and the French Revolution

Louis XVI faced several difficulties during his reign, and he had trouble running his nation well. An increasing yearning for political change, social inequity, and economic challenges were at the root of the unrest among the French people. While many people lived in abject poverty, the clergy and nobles were afforded enormous privileges.

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As a result of France’s engagement in the American Revolutionary War, the financial position deteriorated. Louis XVI backed the American colonies in their struggle for freedom from Britain, but the war’s financial toll severely stretched France’s finances.

The Estates-General was called together in 1789 to confront the financial situation and talk about essential reforms. The French Revolution had its start as a result of this occasion. Louis XVI’s cautious and unsure answer to the Estates-General’s requests stoked public fury.

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What was King Louis’s Cause of Death?

Louis XVI and his family were placed under house arrest at the Paris Tuileries Palace as the revolution gained progress. In 1791, the king attempted to elude capture with the help of foreign kings and counterrevolutionary troops. They were captured at Varennes and sent back to Paris, which further damaged his reputation and integrity.

As things proceeded to become worse, the monarchy was overthrown in 1792. Louis XVI was formally removed from power, tried, and found guilty of plotting against the government. King Louis XVI was executed to death by guillotine in Paris’ Place de la Révolution on January 21, 1793.


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