Kim Petras Parents: All You Need To Know

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Kim Petras is a German singer and songwriter who was born on August 27, 1962, in Cologne, Germany. Her father was an architect while her mother was a choreographer.
Kim Petras has an older sister who is also a singer.

Kim Petras at age 13, made an appearance on a German television current affairs show and on that show, she opened up about her medical gender transition.

In a bid to get the permission for early gender confirmation surgery at age 14, Kim Petras also made an appearance in a documentary as well as a talk show. Due to the appearances, she was tagged as the world’s youngest transsexual due to the wide international media coverage she gained.

She was given the permission for the gender confirmation surgery after evaluation by Dr.Bernd Meyenburg when she was 16 years old.

In September 2007, she worked with a German chain of hair salons as a model and in 2008 the surgery was successfully done for her.

Kim Petras’ music career started when she was just a teenager and released her first international single in 2017.

The first single was titled I Don’t Want It At All and other singles she released made inroads on Billboard’s Dance /Electronic Songs chart.

She released the album Clarity and followed it with her second album Turn Off The Light. She released the EP Slut Pop in 2021 when she signed with Republic Records.

Kim Petras is believed to have started dating Tobias Jesso Jr who is a filmmaker since 2020.However, the relationship didn’t go well and they decided to separate.

For a long time, Kim Petras never spoke about her relationship with Tobias Jesso Jr but it was after she had posted pictures of herself with Tobias Jesso Jr that people suspected the existence of their relationship.

After several failed relationships, Kim Petras seems to have put a stop on dating to focus on her career.Kim Petras was rumoured in 2018 to be dating model and actress Miles High.

Kim Petras and Miles High however never confirmed their relationship.Kim Petras also got into a relationship with Kate Harrison who was an actress and a model. Their relationship did not work out well as they separated after some months.

After her relationship with Miles High and Kate Harrison had failed, she got into another relationship with Tobias Jesso Jr around 2020. That relationship also fell on the rocks.

Kim Petras Parents

The parents of Kim Petras are Lutz Petras and Konni Petras. Lutz Petras is the father while Konni Petras is the mother.

It is important to note that Lutz Petras and Konni Petras were able to easily identify and accept Kim Petras’ transexual identity. Lutz Petras hails from Germany and works as an architect. He works with a real estate firm called Landmarke and finds himself in the Planning Department of the firm.

Konni Petras is a dance choreographer as well as an artist. She is also a German just like Lutz Petras. Lutz Petras and Konni Petras were very responsible parents and were able to identify Kim Petras as a biological male.

As a matter of emphasis, it is their motivation, encouragement as well as facilitation that helped Kim Petras to realize and accept her gender.

Lutz and Konni Petras also had friends who were transsexuals and as such, they had a clear impression and understanding of what it meant to be a transsexual.

They also knew how to deal with a transsexual. Even though they realized Kim Petras was showing signs of feminism at age 2, they did not force any stereotypical gender identity on her.

This made it possible for Kim Petras to take hormone replacement therapy when she was 12 years old.

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