Kelly Preston’s Parents.  Who Are They? Full Details

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Kelly Preston can be described as an American actress who was born on October 13, 1962. Unfortunately, Kelly Preston died on July 12, 2020, when she had made appearances in more than 60 television and films. Some of the films she is noted for include Mischief (1985), Twins(1988), Jerry Maguire(1996) as well as For Love of the Game(1999).

It must be noted that Kelly Preston was married to John Travolta in 1991 and they collaborated on some films. Some of these films are The Experts(1989) and, the biographical film Gotti(2018). Other films to the credit of Kelly Preston include Space Camp (1986), The Cat in the Hat(2003), What A Girl Wants (2003), Old Dogs(2009) as well as Sky High(2005).

Kelly Preston was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and her mother was called Linda. Linda was an administrator of a mental health center. Kelly Preston’s father worked for an agricultural firm but he died when Kelly was just four years old. He was said to have drowned.

Due to the death of Kelly Preston’s father, Linda, Kelly Preston’s mother got married to Peter Paiziz. Peter was a personal director and he adopted Kelly Preston. Kelly Preston had a younger half-brother called Chris Palzis. It must be noted that when Kelly Preston was a child, she lived in Iraq and Australia.

With respect to education, she attended Pembroke School Adelaide as well as Punahou School in   Honolulu. She graduated from the Punahou School in 1980 and subsequently furthered her education at the University of Southern California where she studied Drama and Theatre.

Kelly Preston got married to actor Kevin Gage in 1985. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 1987 with a divorce. In the late 1980s, she was said to be in a relationship with George Clooney. She was engaged to Charlie Sheen but that relationship ended after an accidental gun discharge left shrapnel in her body. It was in 1987 that Kelly Preston met John Travolta during the filming of The Experts.

Jett was born in April 1992 and he was the first and elder  brother of Kelly Preston. However, he died in January 2009 while on vacation with the family in Bahamas. His head hit the bathtub after he had suffered a seizure .

Kelly Preston died on July 12, 2020, when she was 57 years old. She died in her home in Clearwater, Florida. This was two years after she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had been receiving treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Kelly Preston’s Parents.  Who Are They?

The name of Kelly Preston’s father is not readily available. However, he was noted to have worked in an agricultural firm and drowned when Kelly Preston was only four years old. On the other hand, Kelly Preston’s mother was known as Linda. Linda was said to be an administrator of a mental health center.


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