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American actor Keean Johnson is well-known for his charismatic roles in both movies and television. Johnson is a native of Boulder, Colorado, and his rise to prominence in the entertainment business at a young age has been characterized by skill, commitment, and a variety of roles.


Keean Johnson was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. His mother is American-Chilean, and his father is British. Johnson discovered his passion for acting at an early age, making his first professional appearance at 11 in the play “Plainsong” at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. Notably, he caught the attention of casting director Nora Brennan, earning a role in the Broadway musical “Billy Elliot,” which later won the Tony for Best Musical in 2008.

Keean Johnson began his television career at age sixteen, appearing in episodes of “Switched at Birth,” “Notorious,” and “Joe Pickett.” Adam Freeman, on the other hand, made his breakthrough role in the action-horror adventure series “Spooksville.” The Hub Network series, which ran from October 2013 to May 2014 and highlighted Johnson’s early acting abilities, was based on Christopher Pike’s novel.

His TV career continued, as he made frequent appearances in musical drama films such as “Nashville” (2014–2016) and series like “The Fosters” (2015) and “Euphoria” (2019). He played the major role of Vernon Howell in the crime drama miniseries “Waco: The Aftermath,” which made its Showtime premiere in 2023.

The comedy-drama “Heritage Falls” from 2016 was Keean Johnson’s big screen debut. However, his depiction as Hugo in the cyberpunk action film “Alita: Battle Angel” (2019) was his breakout performance. Johnson played alongside Rosa Salazar in Robert Rodriguez’s film Gunnm, which was based on Yukito Kishiro’s comic book. This showed off Johnson’s versatility and established him as a prospective actor.

Following this success, Johnson continued to broaden the range of his films. His roles in films like “We Summon the Darkness” (2019), “Low Tide” (2019), and “Emperor” (2020) showed his adaptability to a variety of genres, including horror, drama, and historical dramas. The romantic comedy-drama “The Ultimate Playlist of Noise” (2021) provided more evidence of Johnson’s skill at giving his characters depth and reality.

How old is Keean Johnson?

Keean Johnson was born on October 25, 1996. As of 2023, he is 27 years old.

Keean Johnson Height

Keean Johnson stands at a height of 5 feet, 9 inches (1.77 m).

Keean Johnson Instagram

Keean Johnson is active on Instagram with the name keeanjohnsonart. He has followers of about 1.517K.




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