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German singer, rapper, and former YouTuber Katrin Vogelová—better known by her stage name Katja Krasavice—has forged a distinctive route to stardom with her fearless and unreserved attitude to both her work and her life.

Early Life

Krasavice was born in Teplice, Czech Republic, on August 10, 1996. Her family moved to Liebschütz, Germany when she was a little child. When Krasavice was just five years old, her brother passed away from thigh cancer. Her father’s decline into alcoholism and his abuse of her mother were direct results of this terrible occurrence, which had a great effect on her family.

At the age of 11, Krasavice endured another heartbreaking loss when her other brother took his own life while in prison. As if this were not enough, at a later point in her life, Krasavice had to testify in court against her father, who had sexually assaulted her friends. These traumatic experiences left deep emotional scars, which she later used as the basis for her unique image centered around sexual expression.

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Krasavice also faced excessive bullying during her school years and, although she attended a Gymnasium, she did not graduate.

Who are Katja Krasavice Parents?

Katja Krasavice was born to a Czech mother and a Slovak father. However, there is not much information about her parents.


On March 29, 2014, Katja Krasavice launched her YouTube account, which marked the beginning of her ascent to popularity. Her material was defined by skimpy attire, an outright acceptance of pornographic elements, support for cosmetic surgery, and open conversations on sexuality, tastes, and methods. Through her vlogs, her candor swiftly earned her the moniker “the sex YouTuber” (also known as “die Sex-YouTuberin”).

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Krasavice amassed a sizable following despite the controversy surrounding her work, hitting 100,000 subscribers in 2015 and 500,000 in 2016. She was invited to compete in the sixth season of “Promi Big Brother” in 2018 as a result of her increasing internet profile, and she placed a respectable sixth.

Krasavice made an important choice in 2019. She started a new YouTube channel that is only for her music and deleted all of the videos from her old one. Despite having 1.43 million subscribers on her initial channel, she has now distanced herself from the term “YouTuber.”

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Katja Krasavice established herself in the music business while continuing to participate actively on YouTube. She made her debut with the fun, sex-themed novelty dance track “Doggy,” which was created by Stard Ova, in November 2017. With the help of an amusing music video, the single shot to the top of the charts in Germany and Austria, where it peaked at numbers 7 and 5, respectively.

Krasavice debuted the lead single off her third album, “Pussy Power,” in September 2021. This aggressively displayed female sexuality through a porn-rap song with drill elements that went on to become her third number-one single in Germany.




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