Kate Merlan Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Kate Merlan?

Kathleen “Kate” Merlan was born on February 11, 1987, in Salzwedel, Germany.

She is a tattoo model and a reality TV contestant in Germany. Merlan was a department head in a clothing store prior to her job in television. She was born and raised in Saxony-Anhalt.

Merlan and musician Nino de Angelo were linked in 2017, but their romance ended in the spring of 2018. She began dating Benjamin Boyce, a former Caught-in-the-Act singer, in 2018.

kate Merlan
Kate Merlan

The football player Jakub Jarecki, whom she married in November 2021, is the love of her life as of 2021. Merlan is nine years older than Jarecki.

Merlan made news for her numerous cosmetic procedures and tattoos, which attracted media attention. She gained notoriety for her unique appearance.

With performances as a contestant or actor on a number of programmes, including Caution Control, The Perfect Dinner, Take Me Out, Rent, Buy, Live, and Shopping Queen, Merlan’s TV career got off to a good start.

She did, however, receive more media coverage in 2015 as a result of her participation in the reality programme Newtopia. She appeared in the show for 102 days.

Merlan participated in the reality competition Get the F*ck out of My House in 2018. Just before the grand finale, she was eliminated. She and her ex-partner Benjamin Boyce made an appearance in the Taff weekly series Celebrities on a Package Holiday in March 2019.

In the summer of 2019, they also took part in The Summer House of the Stars: Battle of the Celebrity Couples on RTL. But they disclosed their separation two months after filming.

Merlan competed on the reality competition series Kampf der Realitystars – Schiffbruch am Traumstrand in 2020, where she came in third. Along with her husband Jakub Jarecki, she also participated in Prominent’s second season separately in 2020’s The Villa of the Exiles, where they came in sixth.

Merlan has made multiple appearances in well-known reality series throughout her TV career, exhibiting her personality and distinctive sense of style.

She has developed a reputation for being fearless and daring, as well as for having distinctive tattoos and cosmetic procedures.

Overall, Kate Merlan has made a name for herself in the German reality TV industry, making an impression with her outward appearance and unique sense of style.

Her relationships and personal life have also attracted media attention, making her a well-known public figure in Germany.

Kate Merlan Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

Kate Merlan’s ex-boyfriend is musician Nino de Angelo. They were in a relationship in 2017 and subsequently split in the spring of 2018.

The German musician Nino de Angelo was once Kate Merlan’s ex-boyfriend. In 2017, the couple was dating; however, they broke up in 2018. For his work in the music business, notably in the pop genre, Nino de Angelo is well-known.

Throughout his career, he has released a lot of albums and songs and has become well-known in Germany and other countries. Although their romance may have ended, Nino de Angelo and Kate Merlan are still pursuing their individual jobs and personal lives.

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