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Julius Falkenstein was known to be a German stage and film actor. He was quite popular in the silent era. Julius Falkenstein was born on February 25, 1879, but he died on December 9, 1933. It must be noted that over a 19-year period, he made appearances in not less than 180 films. This was between 1914 and 1933.

Even though Julius Frankenstein was a Jewish, he pulled some strings and got special permit to continue making films following the Nazi rise to power in 1933. He was known to have died of natural causes.

Some of the films to the credit of Julius Falkenstein include Die geheimnisvolle Villa (1914), The Princess of Neutralia (1917), The Toboggan Cavalier (1918), The Oyster Princess (1919), The Dancer Barberina (1920), The Love of a Thief (1920), The Princess of the Nile (1920), Romeo and Juliet in the Snow (1920), The Haunted Castle (1921), The Story of Christine von Herre (1921), The Convict of Cayenne (1921), Lola Montez, the King’s Dancer (1922), Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (1922), His Excellency from Madagascar (1922), Don Juan (1922), Das Milliardensouper (1923), Earth Spirit (1923) and The Doll Maker of Kiang-Ning (1923).

Others are The Weather Station (1923), The Grand Duke’s Finances (1924), In the Name of the King (1924), Neptune Bewitched (1925), Women of Luxury (1925), A Waltz Dream (1925), The Brothers Schellenberg (1926), Department Store Princess (1926), Countess Ironing-Maid (1926), The Blue Danube (1926), Young Blood (1926), Circus Romanelli (1926), Annemarie and Her Cavalryman (1926), Vienna, How it Cries and Laughs (1926), The Pride of the Company (1926), The Armoured Vault (1926), We’ll Meet Again in the Heimat (1926), Sword and Shield (1926) and We Belong to the Imperial-Royal Infantry.

The likes of The Master of Nuremberg (1927), Break-in (1927), Linden Lady on the Rhine (1927), Excluded from the Public (1927), Night of Mystery (1927), That Was Heidelberg on Summer Nights (1927), The Convicted (1927), His Late Excellency (1927), Hello Caesar! (1927) and The Indiscreet Woman (1927) also form part of his filmography.

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Julius Falkenstein’s Biography, Wikipedia

Julius Falkenstein is available on Wikipedia

Julius Falkenstein’s Age, Birth Date.

Julius Falkenstein was born on February 25, 1879, but he died on December 9, 1933. He was 54 years old when he died.

Julius Falkenstein’s Height, Weight,

His height and weight are yet to be updated.

Julius Falkenstein’s Net worth

His net worth is said to be between $1 million and $ 5 million.

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Julius Falkenstein’s Parents

Details about the parents of Julius Falkenstein are not available.

Julius Falkenstein’s Children

Details about the children of Julius Falkenstein are not available.

Julius Falkenstein’s Girlfriend, Wife

He was married to Helene Julie Zillinger before he died.

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