Julian Nagelsmann Cause of Death: Full Details

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Julian Nagelsmann is a German professional football coach. He was born on July 23, 1987, and he is currently the manager of the German national team. He got the nod in September 2023 on a contract till UEFA Euro 2024. He is currently Germany’s second youngest coach at 36 years old, behind only Otto Nerz, who was 34.

Over the years that he has been a coach, he has handled teams such as TSG Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Julian Nagelsmann was born in Bavaria but due to a series of injuries, he retired from playing football at the age of 20. He played for teams such as  FC Augsburg and 1860 Munich at youth level. He was the captain of Munich’s U19 team.

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The coaching career of Julian Nagelsmann started in 2010 when he served as the youth coach of TSG Hoffenheim. With the passage of time, he coached the first team of TSG Hoffenheim in 2015.

He led the team to finish third in the  Bundesliga and also qualified for the Champions League. Unfortunately, Julian Nagelsmann left TSG Hoffenheim in 2019 and found his way to Bundesliga club RB Leipzig.

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He got appointed as coach at Bundesliga club RB Leipzig. H helped the team to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League in 2020. In 2021, he was appointed by Bayern Munich and an amount of €25 million (£21.7 million) was involved in his transfer to the club.

He was dismissed as manager in March 2023 even though he won the Bundesliga title in his debut season.

Julian Nagelsmann Cause of Death

There is no information or report to confirm he is dead. Julian Nagelsmann is alive.

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Julian Nagelsmann is married to Verena and they have two children. However, they broke up in 2023 due to the fact that Julian Nagelsmann was said to be in a relationship with Lena Wurzenberger. Lena Wurzenberger is a 30-year-old sports reporter for Germany’s biggest newspaper, Bild.

Style of management

The style of management of Nagelsmann involves versatility with formations, maintaining possession, and implementing gegenpressing. This involves a team, after losing possession, immediately attempting to win back possession, rather than falling back to regroup.



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