Janina Reiman’s Children. Who Are They? Full Details

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Janina Reiman is believed to be currently 36 years old and lives in the US state of Oregon. Janina Reiman was born on July 23, 1987, and she is a film accountant. Janina Reiman stays with her husband called Coleman Burnett in the US state of Oregon. Janina Reiman and Coleman Burnett got married in 2017.

It is believed that they met on a University campus and exchanged email addresses.
Janina Reiman and her family were in the US state of Oregon in 2020 when the severe fires were raging. It must be noted that many fans of Janina Reiman were worried about her and hoped she was okay.

Janina Reiman in the company of her parents relocated to the United States of America in 2004. At that time, Janina Reiman was only 17 years old. They were followed by television cameras. Originally from Hamburg, the family of Janina Reiman got extremely popular due to the VOX program “Goodbye Germany”.

Janina Reiman has a brother called Jason. Due to the corona pandemic, Jason for a long time could not see his parents. He has two sons; Kealan (7) and Oliver (4).
Janina Reiman is the daughter of Konny and Manuela Reimann . Janina Reiman’s mother, Manuela Reimann was born on September 23, 1968, and she is a German television actress and entrepreneur. She grew up in Bruchsal and Munster and she had training in dressmaking in Hamburg.

It would be recalled that in 1988, Manu Reimann got married to an American in Germany. She was then using her husband’s surname which was Bradley. Manu Reimann and her American husband had two children.

Unfortunately, Manu Reimann and her husband separated and divorced in 1995. Later in 2002, Manu Reimann set up an online shop through which she sold her own children’s fashion collections.

She won a green card through the US State Department’s Diversity Immigrant Visa. She married Konny Reimann in 2003 in Las Vegas. This was due to the fact she wanted to have Konny Reimann and her two children in the United States of America. She and her family moved to Gainesville, Texas and while there, she was the one in charge of several guest houses on her lake property.

After more than a decade, Manu Reimann and Konny Reimann relocated to Pupukea in the US State of Hawaii. Manu Reimann opened a bus boutique in 2017 with children’s fashion which she sewed by herself.

Janina Reiman’s Children. Who Are They?

It is not so clear the number of children she has in total. However, of certainty is the fact that Janina Reiman has at least two children; Charlie and Isla.

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