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Jan Böhmermann can be described as a German entertainer, satirist, television, radio and podcast presenter, musician, author, film producer and journalist. Jan Böhmermann was born on February 23, 1981 in Bremen. His father was a police officer who worked in the Gröpelingen district of Bremen.

He grew up in the Vegesack district. It must be noted that concerning education, Jan Böhmermann his high school diploma at the Bördestrasse school center. The father of Jan Böhmermann died of leukemia when he (Jan Böhmermann ) was 17 years old. The mother of Jan Böhmermann belongs to the German minority in Poland. Jan Böhmermann moderates the show ZDF Magazin Royale and the podcast Fest & Fluschig.

Between 2009 and 2023, has won some awards and has also been nominated for some awards. Some of these awards and nominations include German television award in the “Best Comedy” category for TV heroes, Entertainment Journalist of the Year 2012 (Medium Magazine), Nomination for the Grimme Prize in the “Entertainment” category for Roche & Böhmermann, Grimme Prize in the “Entertainment” category for Neo Magazine, Journalist of the Year in the “Entertainment/Culture” category, German television award in the “Best Late Night Entertainment” category for Neo Magazine Royale, Grimme Prize in the “Entertainment/Special/Innovation” category for the #Varoufake of the program Neo Magazin Royale, Grimme Honorary Award and Grimme Online Award in the “Special” category.

Jan Böhmermann was also nominated for the German Web Video Prize in the “Person of the Year Male” category, Nominated for the German Web Video Prize in the “Best Video of the Year” category for the music video for Ich hab Police, Rating Meter Television Award in the Best Presenter category, Rating Meter Television Award in the category Best Show with a maximum running time of one hour for Neo Magazine Royale, Sondermann Prize for Comic Art (Funding Prize), Honorary membership in the Art Directors Club , Journalist of the Year in the “Entertainment” category, Medium Magazine and Prize for pop culture in the “Most Beautiful Story” category (disgraceful review).

Others are the Winner of the Goldene Kamera Digital Award in the #Viral Clip category for Be Deutsch, Triple nomination for the Grimme Prize: As host of the Neo Magazine Royale in the Entertainment category – Special for ” #Verafake ” and in the Entertainment – Innovation category for the “One-Player Loop” from the broadcast on April 7, 2016. Also as a producer for The Unlikely Events in the Life of… , German television award in the “Best Late Night Entertainment” category for Neo Magazine Royale, Grimme Prize in the “Entertainment” category for the Neo magazine Royale: #verafake / One-Player Loop (ZDF/ ZDFneo ), Web video award Germany for the web campaign Every Second Counts in the comedy category, Award from the German Academy of Television in the field of television entertainment for Schulz & Böhmermann and Prize for pop culture in the “Favorite Song” category (People Live Dance World) and so many others.

Over the years, he has also worked as a radio presenter with respect to the following radio stations and shows:1999–2004: Radio Bremen, 2004: hr3 morning show, 2009–2011: The really big Jan Böhmermann radio show ( 1 Live from WDR), 2010–2011: Beeck & Böhmermann (1 Live) together with Simon Beeck, 2010–2013: Lateline ( Bremen Vier, Dasding from SWR, MDR Sputnik, N-Joy from NDR, You FM from hr), 2011–2012: Two old hands talk about the past ( Radio Eins from RBB) together with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, 2012: Joko and Klaas with Olli and Jan (Radio Eins) together with Olli Schulz, 2012–2016: Gentle & Careful (Radio Eins, N-Joy, Bremen Vier, Puls vom BR, You FM, Dasding) together with Olli Schulz and 2023: Eurovision Song Contest ( FM4 from ORF ) together with Olli Schulz.

He has worked on some podcasts, and also worked at some television stations as a presenter. He also has some books and audio books to his credit. Jan Böhmermann has an album and some singles as well.

Some of the singles include 2019: Lights on! Light on!, 2020: In a pinch Norbert Röttgen (Jan Böhmermann & Jadebuben), 2020: Mayor (as POL1Z1STENS0HN ; with year: 2015–2020,2021: Ischgl Fever (Husti Husti Heh!) (as Tommy Tellerlift and the Fangzauner Schneebrunzer),2021: Why does the bike path just stop here? ,2021: Facebook requiem (Socialize the Social Network) (Weltmenschenchor St. Mariä Himmel Hilf, Jan Böhmermann, Annette Dasch & Menderes ), 2022: Right Time to Thiel,2022: Micha (What have you done to me?) (as Jürgen Michaels )  and 2023: Allemagne Zero Points.
There are other stage programs to the credit of Jan Böhmermann.

Jan Böhmermann Family

His father was a police officer who worked in the Gröpelingen district of Bremen. The mother of Jan Böhmermann belongs to the German minority in Poland. Jan Böhmermann is said to be married and has a family but details about his family are currently not available as he keeps that out of the public domain.

Jan Böhmermann Children

Jan Böhmermann is said to have several children.

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