Is Volker Friedrich Married? All You Need To Know

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Who Is Volker Friedrich?

Volker is the founder and managing partner of GBP. He was born on March 13, 1963 and is currently 60 years.

Volker has accumulated significant industry knowledge over the course of his career and has a comprehensive awareness of the opportunities and difficulties that firms confront in diverse marketplaces.

Volker is in charge of setting the overall positioning and course of the company as the founding and managing partner of GBP International. He makes sure that GBP International stays at the forefront of the sector by supervising all significant projects.

Volker offers a plethora of experience to his position with a background in management consulting and international economics.

He has held positions with prestigious German businesses including Klöckner, Thyssen, and Siemens, where he developed his abilities in market expansion, company development, and strategic planning.

Volker made the decision to start a new trip in Asia after moving to Munich to work as a management consultant for Roland Berger. He founded GBP International in Kuala Lumpur in 1997 after realising the region’s enormous potential.

Since that time, the company has established itself as a reliable resource for foreign and local companies wishing to expand into Malaysia and other Asian markets.

Volker is an expert in the machinery and technical fields of industrial production. He has helped numerous European businesses join the Asian market with great success by offering insightful advice and direction on market entrance strategies, supply chain enhancements, and sourcing opportunities.

Volker assists clients in urgent situations as an interim manager in addition to his work with GBP International.

Businesses have found their abilities to quickly analyse complicated issues and develop workable solutions to be essential during trying times.

Volker is well-known in the industry for his commitment to developing fruitful commercial partnerships and advancing global trade. He is renowned for taking an active role in client interactions and leading them through each step of the process.

Volker continues to be committed to lifelong learning and professional development despite his hectic schedule. To stay current on the newest trends and advancements in the business world, he frequently attends industry conferences and seminars.

Volker likes to spend time with his family and immerse himself in other cultures when he is not working. He frequently travels between Malaysia and Germany, giving him the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds while also fostering his passion for exploration and learning.

The success of GBP International may be attributed in large part to Volker Friedrich’s entrepreneurial zeal as well as his broad knowledge and experience.

Under his direction, the organisation has developed into a reliable resource for companies looking to increase their market share in Asian countries, assisting them in successfully navigating the challenges of doing business internationally.

Is Volker Friedrich Married?

Yes, Volker Friedrich is happily married with two children but he prefers to keep the identity of his wife away from the media and public.

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