Is Udo Lindenberg Married? Full Details

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Udo Lindenberg was born in Gronau , Germany on May 17, 1946. He can be described as a singer, songwriter, actor, author and producer.

He started off as the drummer and frontman of the band called The Panik in the early 1970s and he gained much prominence based on his performance in the band.

Before becoming a member of The Panik, he founded the band called Free Orbit in 1969. Udo Lindenberg had a collaboration with jazz saxophonist Klaus Doldinger in Munich in 1970.

For the German series called Tatort, Udo Lindenberg played drums for the theme music. Over the years, Udo Lindenberg has released over 20 solo albums and has also starred in numerous movies.

He also played the drums as a member of Passport founded by  Doldinger in 1971.

Udo Lindenberg had his breakthrough in 1973 with the release of the album titled  Andrea Doria and the singles “Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria” and “Cello”. He was able to sell over 100, 000 copies and this led him to receive the largest record deal.

It must be noted that the works of Udo Lindenberg helped musicians such as Stefan Waggershausen and Marius Müller-Westernhagen in landing record deals of their own.

Udo Lindenberg went on tour in 1973 with Panic Orchestra. He was quite successful in 1976 with the release of some LPs as well as singles.

He also discovered Ulla Meinecke and worked on her first two albums. Ulla Meinecke was used by Udo Lindenberg as a guest artist and co-author of the 1977 LP Panische Nächte (Panic Nights) and the 1978 Dröhnland Symphonie.

Some of the musicians Udo Lindenberg has worked with over the years are Eric Burdon, Helen Schneider, David Bowie, Tom Robinson, Keith Forsey, Gianna Nannini, Ellen ten Damme and Nena.

He now has a hoarse voice due to excessive consumption of whisky and cigars. He survived a heart attack in 1989. Two postage stamps based on his songs “Andrea Doria” and “Sonderzug nach Pankow” were designed for the Deutsche Post in 2010.

Is Udo Lindenberg Married?

Udo Lindenberg is believed to be married to Tine Acke. She was born on January 1, 1977 in Hamburg. She is a designer and photographer.

Tine Acke completed high school in 1996 and then furthered education at the Bildkunst-Akademie Hamburg from 1998 to 2001 where she studied illustration design.

She has been working as a freelance photographer and illustrator since 2002.

Tine Acke has worked with the likes of Peter Maffay, Die Prinzen , Yvonne Catterfeld, Jan Delay, Clueso, Ben Becker, Julia Neigel, Rufus Beck, Inga Humpe, Heinz Hoenig, Ellen ten Damme, Chris de Burgh, Tim Fischer, the Panikorchester, Rolf Zuckowski,Stefan Jürgens, Axel Prahl and others over the years.

Her relationship with Udo Lindenberg started in the late 1990s.

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