Is Theresa Underberg Married? Full Details

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Who Is Theresa Underberg?

Kira-Theresa Underberg, born May 6, 1985, in Hamburg, West Germany, is a renowned German actress and radio play-talker.

She started voicing characters for well-known radio dramas in 1994, which marked the start of her young career in the entertainment sector.

In 1999 Underberg played Anne in the German radio drama adaption of The Famous Five, a renowned Enid Blyton series. Audiences have praised her portrayal of Anne, and she still provides the character’s voice today.

Theresa Underberg
Theresa Underberg

This continuous undertaking has cemented her standing as a skilled radio play performer.

In the contracted role of Lydia Brandner, Underberg joined the cast of the daytime soap opera Verbotene Liebe in 2008. Fans praised and paid attention to her in the series for her performance. She stayed on the show for three years before opting to return to Hamburg, where she was born, in search of fresh chances.

Undeterred by the transformation, Underberg persisted in pursuing her acting career and made her feature film debut with well-known German actor Matthias Schweighöfer in the comedy What a Man.

Her performance in the movie demonstrated her versatility and represented a crucial turning point in her professional life.

Soon after, Underberg made an appearance in the hour-long comedy Es kommt noch dicker for Sat.1’s premiere episode. Because of how well-received her guest appearance was, the network decided to order a full season of the programme.

On September 10, 2012, Es kommt noch dicker made its debut, solidifying Underberg’s reputation as a gifted actress in the German television industry.

In the television series Bettys Diagnose, Underberg received the role of nurse Lizzy Riedmüller in 2015. She continued to appear in the show from 2015 to 2017, captivating viewers with her portrayal of the devoted and loving nurse.

Underberg has made significant contributions to the realm of radio dramas in addition to her work in the film and television industries.

She has provided voices for characters in several well-known plays in addition to her part as Anne in The Famous Five.

She played the role of Clarissa in the Gefährliches Quiz radio play for the Three Investigators, as well as Regina in the TKKG radio plays Der Mörder von einer anderen Zeit (2001) and Der grausame Rächer (1995).

Due to her talent and commitment, Kira-Theresa Underberg has established herself as a leading figure in the radio drama and acting worlds.

Her involvement in numerous shows has demonstrated her acting range and cemented her reputation as a talented and adaptable performer.

Underberg has had a remarkable career on both the radio and the big screen, and she never ceases to enthral audiences with her extraordinary talent.

Is Theresa Underberg Married?

No, Theresa Underberg is not married as there is no information about her husband on the internet.

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