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Is Sabine Heinrich Married? Full Details. September 2023

Sabine Heinrich is a German radio and television presenter who was born on December 27, 1976, in Unna. With respect to radio, it must be noted that Sabine Heinrich has worked for so many radio stations as a moderator.

She has also worked for many daily newspapers as an editor. Sabine Heinrich worked on the radio station called 1Live from 2001 and while there she was the moderator of the show 1Live mit Frau Heinrich which was named after her.

After working at 1Live for fifteen years, he left in March 2016 and made a move to WDR 2. At WDR 2, she presented various programs after joining them in July 2016.

In 2006, Sabine Heinrich’s presence was felt in the ten-part live show Schorn und Heinrich on WDR television alongside Thorsten Schorn. She also moderated the after-show party for the 1Live Krone on WDR television in 2008 and later in 2010, she moderated Echo Awards alongside Matthias Opdenhövel.

She also moderated  Our Star for Oslo on ProSieben as well as the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Norway’s capital Oslo.

Sabine Heinrich also moderated the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Our Song for Germany alongside Opdenhövel.

She worked on the WDR show called Zimmer frei! as a field reporter. Sabine Heinrich also moderated Einsweiter on the public digital broadcaster Einsfestival and started a weekly talk show on Einsfestival, the 1Live Talk mit Frau Heinrich in September 2011.

Other shows she has been involved in include Stratmann wandern as well as Das Große Deutschland-Quiz on ZDF.

Is Sabine Heinrich Married?

Sabine Heinrich had her first child in December 2015. However, according to, she is possibly single and not married.

Sabine Heinrich served as a juror and “volunteer godmother” in 2018 with respect to the  Cologne Volunteer Award.

She received the German Radio Prize 2011 in the category of Best Presenter for her show 1Live with Ms. Heinrich on September 8, 2011.

According to, the net worth of Sabine Heinrich is $1.5 Million.

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