Is Roland Hefter Married? Full Details

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Roland Hefter can be said to be a German actor, songwriter, singer, local politician and cabaret artist. He was born in 1967 in Munich, Germany but grew up in the Waldperlach district.

Even though Roland Hefter is considered a German actor, songwriter, singer, local politician and cabaret artist, it must be noted that he trained as a sign maker and graphic artist.

Apart from his career as a solo artist, he also performs with the likes of Wolfi Hierl, Erich Kogler, Babs Margeth and Stephan Reiser so far as the Isarrider Band is concerned.

He also performs with cabaret artists such as Keller Steff and Michael Dietmayrfor the  “3 men – only with guitar” program.

Roland Hefter has made appearances several times on Volkssänger revue “Brettl-Spitzen” that airs on  BR television and since 2016, he has been offering his support to Monika Gruber, a cabaret artist.

He is a key member of the “Künstler mit Herz” initiative. Roland Hefter in 2020 made his way to the  Munich city council for the SPD in the local elections.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Roland Hefter campaigned for musicians to be given more reach, the city’s official website and through the music video, Gender Police, he opposed gender-equitable language.

Is Roland Hefter Married?

Currently, there is no update on the marital status of Roland Hefter. However, it is very possible that Roland Hefter is married and has children.

Over the  years, some of the films Roland Hefter has featured in include 2009-2011: The Emperor of Schexing (TV series), 2012-2014: Munich 7 (TV series), 2018: Munich Grill (TV Series) as well as 2020: Breakaways! In the lederhosen to Las Vegas.

Others are 2021: With reverse gear forward, 2021: Women’s Tales (TV Series), Guest: Brettl-Spitzen (folk singer revue in the BR) and Guest: Club house Schwabing (cabaret show in the BR). He also has As long as you can – CD, That’ll be fine – CD and I dad’s macha – CD as part of his works so far as music is concerned.

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