Is Rike Schmid Married? Full Details

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Is Rike Schmid married?- there’ve been a lot of searches online about the marital status of Rick Schmid. The talented actress has been in the film industry for over two decades and has done over thirty films and TV series in her acting career which has made her famous.

In this write-up, we will try to find out about the love life of Rike Schmid and provide answers to all the relevant questions you have about her.

Who Is Rike Schmid?

Rike Schmid is a famous German actor and writer born on July 19, 1979, in Hanover, Germany. She was however raised in Cologne where she was schooled.

Schmid developed an interest in acting when she was just a girl and was allowed to join the drama department in school. However, she made her debut stage performance in improvisational theatre at the age of 12.

Shortly after she graduated from high school in 1999, she landed a starring role in the ARD series “Aus Gute Haus” which opened the way for subsequent roles. She had roles in films and series like “When two dare” (2002), “We” (2003) and a major role in the ZDF series “He Prince and the Maiden (2003-2007).

Despite having a good start to her acting career, she decided to attend the University of Cologne and the Free University of Berlin to study sociology, psychology and educational science. She graduated with a degree in sociology in sociology in 2009.

She published her first book two years after she graduated from the University. The book is titled “Actresses. The Search for Female Identity” and was released in 2011, followed by the second in 2015 titled “Take Me to Yesterday.

Rike Schmid Selected Filmography

  • Black Out (2023)
  • Alarm for Cobra 11 (2021)
  • Last trace of Berlin (2021)
  • Forest Court – A Black Forest Thriller (2021)
  • SOKO Hamburg (2019)
  • SOKO Munich (2018)
  • Jürgen – Today is lived (2017)
  • My Used Man (2015)
  • George (2013)
  • The Boss (2015)
  • SOKO Stuttgart (2018, 2021)
  • At Home in the Mountains- Guilt and Forgiveness (2019)
  • Wilsberg -Morderney (2018)
  • SOKO Cologne (2010)

Is Rike Schmid Married?

We are unable to confirm at the time of writing whether Rike Schmid is married or not. All our efforts to find out about her marital status have proved futile. She lived in Berlin, presumably alone.

We will continue to keep tabs on her and update this write-up as and when we have new information regarding her marital status.

Does Rike Schmid Have Any Children?

According to our checks, Rike Schmid does not have any kids. She has been acting professionally since she was barely 20 years old and has dedicated much of her time to ensuring that she succeeds in her acting career.

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